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Love it! I can just see my boys being the penguin. LOL!!

Mr. Lau****, CLASSIC humor, you have been sledding before! I'm still belly-laughing about this one! Oh, by the way, tell Anna Hi
Mrs. Wight

Bahahaha! That is too funny! Thanks for sharing Alan's humor with us! :)

LOve it! Soooo funny. You two are a hoot :)


LOL That reminds me of Calvin's (from Calvin and Hobbes) 'unfortunate' snowmen scenes.

You both have a FABULOUS twisted sense of humor! This drawing is hilarious! :)

I LOVE IT! How fun. You two compliment each other well.

Very clever. Two very talented people at your place! Thanks for the holiday cheer.

yes!!! Can't resist a little dark humor!

Haa Ha!..Great card!..just luv it!...Your both very talented...bet you have a great time together.

Totally cracks me up too. Two Geniuses in the family!

this is too funny! My DH gives me card ideas too, I love it!! It is so much fun when they get involved in our work isn't it??

Now THIS cracks me up! Gosh, I agree, put Alan on the stamp making staff! You guys have TOO much fun!!!!

I love it! Do you guys just crack each other up all the time??? What a great pair you two must be!!

That's a riot Anna!! I love it!!

I would have called it:

"Have a Merry Christmas... or heads will roll!"

Too freakin' funny. Who knew you had a dark side?

Bwahahaha....love it!!

This is funnier than funny, Anna! What a boat load of talent at your house.

Way to go, Alan!!!
Like your sense of humor!!

That is SO STINKIN' FUNNY!!! And cute!!! WOW, I didn't know HE was so talented, I thought it was just YOU! TOO COOL, the two of you must be something together! How amazing!!! :)

Now this is my kinda card!!!

LOL! So totally CUTE!!! (and that's a lot of talent under one roof!)

Too cute and funny.

wow - you're BOTH artists??? How cool is that! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this "card."

WOW! He did fantastic! Your card is simply adorable!

Oh My Goodness! That is awesome!

too cute!

Oh my gosh, that's feakin! awesome!!!

Oh my, this is too stinkin' hilarious!! Please tell me that you guys are really going to use this for your Christmas cards, that would be too FUNNY!!!

Since its a snowman its not sick. I love it too.

This is just too perfect! Oh I LOVE it!

That is sooo funny!!! You both are very talented....Um like you totally make me sick!!!! =0 LOL.

Oh, Anna! You need to make that into a card on SCS using the snowman from Baby It's Cold Outside!! Too funny -- you and your bf must be a match made in heaven! : )

Bwahaha!! I think you just found your Christmas cards . . . print them out and your're done! What an illustrator Mr. Alan is . . . does Whipper Snapper know about him yet? LOL!

flippin hysterical!!!!!

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