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Hee Hee. I just came to browse your blog. It's 11:20. That's a beautiful card. and wonderful blog candy.

My Favorite: Sour Cream Coconut Dream Cake.
MAde with sour cream/whip cream and LOTS of coconut. YUM

My favorite is Crafty Secrets!!! Honestly. I just wish I could afford their whole line. But, it's not edible, is it? I like just about anything peppermint this time of year....candy canes, peppermint stick ice cream, peppermint mocha, peppermint bark...you get the picture. AND, thanks for all you put into your blog. Love it!

At my house we LOVE whipped shortbread topped with a marachino cherry sliver - my kids call them poof cookies because when they pop these cookies in their mouths, poof - they are gone! We also like hot chocolate with a drop of mint extract and a pappermint candycane stir stick.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

Happy Holidays! Congratulations on your engagement. What an exciting time. I am an amateur card maker. Your creations are stunning. Thanks for sharing.....Cindi

Happy Holidays! Congratulations on your engagement. What an exciting time. I am an amateur card maker. Your creations are stunning. Thanks for sharing.....Cindi

My favorite Christmas treat...my mom made these great cookies, she called them cocoons. I have her recipe, but mine never come out quite right.

It's so fun to read about everyone's favorite treats. I must say, my all time favorite treat is just being with my family. I don't get to see my brother and his family often, and this Christmas I have a new niece I get to meet! I can't wait - and that is going to be the BEST TREAT of the YEAR! So Merry Christmas everyone, May all of your "treats" be sweet ones!

My new favorite is Chocolate Chip Shortbread...dipped in chocolate! I saw it in a magazine and had to try it. Yummy!!!

My favorite treat at Christmas is my Grandma's sugar cookies... Yummy for the tummy!!!

I love Sea Foam Candy that I can only seem to find at Fleet Farm Stores up here in Minnesota. It has been one of my favorites since I was a kid, and have yet to find a recipe for it. If you have not tried it, it is like toffee that has been whipped until it is light and bubbly. Then it hardens and looks like a sea sponge. Then they cover it in chocolate!

How fun! Our favorite at our house is Peanut Butter Blossoms. Too prove it, I've made them twice, a double batch one of those times and they are gone!!! Thanks for sharing!!

What a beautiful card! The details are so great & the music in the background is wonderful! OK, what's my favorite holiday treat? Hmm....I LOVE white chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles. I love my mom's poppyseed bread....But my favorite holiday treat this year has to be hearing my 19 month old daughter say "ooooo, pretty!" every time she sees any Christmas lights!

What a great giveaway! *keeping my fingers crossed*

My favourite holiday treat is definately homemade fuuuuuudge ... and lots of it.

Merry Christmas!

My favorite holiday treat this year is blog eye candy. I loved last year, but this is even better. I love the recipes, seeing how people decorate their homes and inspiration for my paper addiction habit. Thanks for sharing---I love birds!!!!!!!

why, I love the COOKIES, of course. ;)

My favorite holiday treat is almond bark pretzels. I just love them.
I also love visiting your blog and seeing your wonderful creative talents.
Congratulations on your engagement!! That makes the season very merry and bright!!

I love that card - so classic! My favorite treats are any Christmas cookies - I do not discriminate amongst cookies - lol! Butterballs always remind me of my Grandma, and my girls love making and decorating sugar cookies. Thanks!

No way!! They are so generous!!!

Favorite Christmas treats--Christmas cookies and Egg Nog!! :D

Gorgeous card Anna!! Favorite treat? Hmm!! Anything homemade!! I'm not too fussy!! I do love the good old fashioned Christmas cookies though. Merry Christmas!!!

What a beautiful card! My favorite holiday treats are old family favorites--spritz, pecan nut cups and fudge!

Let me think, one of my favorite holiday treats hot chocolate! I love hot chocolate, but it's really only acceptable to my husband during this time of year. LOL!

Oooo--fun blog candy. Thanks for offering it. My favorit holiday treat is sugared (candied) pecans. YUM Mom made them every year until she got too old to do it now she sits at the table and keeps me company and I make it for all of us! Not sure if it is the company or the candy that is so sweet. ;-)

What a great giveaway! Would love to have those stamps. My favorite treat is Red Velvet Cake. It's just not Christmas without it.
Rosemary B.

My favorite Christmas treat is made by my aunt. She calls them Stained Glass Windows, and they are very simply made with chocolate and colored mini marshmallows. mmmmm....so yummy!

Miles of Smiles,

My favorite treats at holiday time are the caramels (plain, orange and chocolate flavored) my husband makes. He's definitely the candy maker in the family. I also love rum balls, but I haven't had any good ones in years; I suppose I should pull out my old recipes and make some!

love treats at the holidays and I have a weakness for chocolate...I think peanut butter kisses are an all time favorite! so yummy!

My very favorite holiday treat is my own Sour Cream Sugar Cookies! Love the chance to win some Blog Candy, especially with a bird theme.....MollyK.

I just adored ribbon candy and clear toy candy/lollipops when I was a kid. As an adult, pretty much any cookie/pastry/pie/cake/confection with coconut would hit the spot for me, or even better coconut custard pie.

Favorite treats ? Can I say everything? Seriously all the new flavors of chocolates that are available during the holiday season.

Treats? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... homemade toffee with chocolate atop.... and rum balls ... I never make them except around Christmas! Yummmmmmmmm! BTW ... I just LOVE the Crafty papers, stickers, etc. LOVE them!

My favorite treat is my former sister-in-law's Chocolate Pie. It's my favorite because she's a "former", so my waistline and I must do without. See, I'm sad and sad you lost Curly Two, too, so pick me for blog candy and cheer me up. I pedestal polish shinier when I'm happy.

Mmmmm, blog candy...not only is it awesome but calorie-free too...which is good because I'm not doing well with the Christmas eating and it's still a week away! My favorite treat is my Mom's cherry cake and a glass of gingerale with a splash of Purity Raspberry Syrup in it (it's a local thing...way too sweet but the gingerale cuts through the sugar nicely!)

My favorite holiday treat is homemade fudge. I love to make it, give it and eat it!

Fantastic giveaway - I love every little piece of it. My favorite Holiday treat is baking cookies with my daughters and granddaughters - we have the best time - it's this coming Friday - our cookie baking day - can't wait!


mmmmm...fudge! My brother is deployed to Iraq right now, and I just made 7 diff.flavors of fudge. Had to taste test them all too, lol!

My family always wants Mini Pecan Pie Tarts. I started making these in my catering business about 20 years ago and it's not Christmas without them for my family!

Cheryl in Texas

I just love your card. Im really liking all of this shabby and collage art these days. I also love birds around the holidays..not sure why.

My favorite holiday treat at Christmas time is candy cane pie from Bakers Square...yummy!!


I love your card! And the chance to win blog candy. My favorite holiday treat is a plateful of asst cookies using my grandmother's recipes. It's not Christmas without some krumkake and chocolate crinkles and sugar cookies. The memories of baking with my grandmother as a little girl are priceless!

FUN!One of my favorite treats is pecan pie! I also love eggnog and hot cocoa:)

My favorite treat is a desert that my husband (yep he is a fantastic cook) only makes twice a year-My birthday in June and for Christmas--Strawberry pretzel salad. It sounds very non traditional I know, but it's become our tradition over the last 17 years.

my favorite treat is hot cocoa with the minature marshmellows, YUM!

My favorite holiday treat would have to be the frozen chocolate wafer treat my mother in law makes at Christmas time instead of plumb pudding :)!

[email protected]

My favorite Christmas treat are tiny little cookies with some crème on it. In holland you see them only at Christmas and Easter.

I love toasted Italian Panatone and See's candy at Christmas. Yum mo!!

WOW! I Love that card! I think my fave Holiday treat would be ... Lindt chocolates that I get in my stocking!!

First of all, I LOVE the card you made....just fabulous! So, I am from Hungary and I love a lot of different cookies and desserts my Mom used to make, but one I make every year is the poppy seed and nut rolls, it's a favorite for sure by all. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

My favorite "treat" over the Christmas Holidays is my Mom's Shortbread Cookies. YUMMMM. My Nanny use to make them for us, but when she passed many years ago, my Mom took over to ensure we had the *real deal* {smile}
With one bite of the cookie I'm taken back to being a young child, helping decorate all the baked goodies and having the excited butterflies in my tummy, in hopes that Santa would bring me my favorite toy. What wonderful memories we created by mixing butter, sugar and vanilla :)

Anything my mom bakes of course ... but I also love the red velvet cake balls dipped in white chocolate that she gets from the high school culinary students ... the lemon cake ones are yummy too.

I'm a little late...but I'm signing up for the goodie giveaway! Laurie

my favoriate treat is surgar cookies just plane sweet cookies , Love the card

oh my I would have to say my favorite treat is fudge!! What a great giveaway!!

All the Scandinavian cookies that I grew up with are my favorites like sandbakels, krumkake and rosettes (made with an iron dipped in batter and fried in hot oil, then powder-sugared).

Oh, Anna, it's hard to choose just one from the many available, but I love English Toffee Cookies, a favorite with my family and friends. One friend won a contest with this recipe I gave her. donna

Love your blog Candy, Anna!!! I have the coffee and tea set and love it!! As for my favorite treat at Christmas - well, Nanaimo Bar hands down!!! When I was 6 ( 40 years ago )sigh, my grandma made some. I thought it looked yicky, but I was polite enough to eat it. Well, I've been hooked on it ever since !!!! I make some every Christmas ( my grandma's recipe - the best! )

Thanks Anna! debzi333 from SCS

My fave holiday treat is my grandma's pineapple macadamia nut squares. I posted the recipe on my blog recently and have been eating them all up :)

I just got the new little chef set in the mail and I love it! Of all of the websites that I have bought stamps from yours was the most accommodating with shipping. I also loved the special extras!

My favorite holiday treat is cheesecake. I just had an outstanding piece of snickers cheesecake at the beach.

What a gorgeous card Anna!!! Now that is a treat if ever I saw one!!! As for my favorite yum over the holidays -- guess I'd have to go with homemade cookies. There's always so many different kinds people share at the holidays, they are all so delicious.

Home made caramels are my all time favorite.
Mary C

I love love love this time of year so many goodies to choose from. I think home made caramels are my very favorite holiday treat.
Mary C.

My holiday favorite is my friend Traci's peanut butter fudge!!! It's the best! also my Mom's fruitcake cookies, I can't stand to eat fruit cake, but I love the cookies!! I'm a weirdo what can I say!! Love your card and all the things you do actually!

WOW!! Everyone must love Crafty Secrets as much as I do. I make a complicated 3 layer cookie at Christmas that is just delicious. One year my kids said "you never make those for us" and I realized it was true so now I make a batch just for the family.

What fun blog candy you get to give! My favorite holiday treats are Hershey's Hot Cocoa made the real way with milk!! And I always need to eat some of my mom soft buttermilk sugar cookies while drinking it!

Merry Christmas!!

favorite treat? peppermint mocha... and your blog!

my favorite holiday treat is homemade fudge. Mmmm.... makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Hmm my fav. holiday treat has to be my MIL's hot Choc. I am yet to figure out what it is that she puts in it but its soooooooo good.. this will be my 7th year drinking it and I CAN not wait to MMMM amd MMMMM and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM while wrapping the last of the gifts at her house while we listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing X-mas songs!(yes really my MIL has a thing for them on Christmas she says it for the kids... riiiggghhttt LOL)

Love this card. I am really drawn to Christmas cards with non-traditional color schemes. This is a beautiful example.

Favorite Christmas treat is my grandmother's recipe (scratch) for German Chocolate Cake. A real family tradition and annual delight.

Thanks for offering such a special package. Very yummy looking!

I love the card and the birds are so colored so beautifuly. I was sitting in our glassed in room watching the birds in the feeders enjoying some hot tea. Then, I decided to check my E-mail and stubbled upon your blog. I think I will have to have that set now! What inspiration! My favorite Christmas treat is something called "sponge candy" or "angel's something" it has been called. I loved it as a kid and continue to but I can't find it here where we moved to. It is candy that is hard inside that looks sort of like a sponge. It is made out of baking powder or soda and sugar etc. I tried making it once and totally ruined my mom's pan. She threw out the recipe with the pan and told me to never try that again. Anyway, it is broken off in irregular chunks and then dipped in chocolate. Otherwise, I have lots of other favorites but right now that would be the best for now. Hey, right now I would even settle for a fruit cake! Thanks for your inspiration.

Your card is gorgeous! Favorite treats would have to be frosted cut-out cookies and fudge!

My favorite treats is mexican candy my mom makes um so good, thats all I eat when I go to her house christmas is that candy just can't stay away from it. Love the card. Susan

Fav holiday treat...gotta be peppermint bark with a dark chocolate base! YUM!!! along with sugar cookies, and raspberry chocolate and .......well, you get the picture!


Anna that card is absolutely gorgeous. I'm always so jealous when I get to your blog, because I know your such a talented artist. Love it!

Oh my goodness! What a giveaway!!!!!! I adore the birdnotes and would so love to win them (and all the other goodies of course!); My favorite holiday treat, hmmmm....I guess I'll say ribbon candy; it's one of those things that you only see at this time of year; it really brings me back to when I was a kid! Thanks Anna!

My favorite has to be the English Toffee my DH brings home from work every year. He gets to carry it home, I get the tin when he steps in the door. :)

My favorite holiday treat is peppermint bark that I make homemade. So easy! It's the only time of the year I make it. Thanks for offering the blog candy!
Mary Puskar

anything with chocolate is my favorite treat...exactly what else is there? lol

I have to say I love all of crafty secrets stickers and I adore the stamps.


My favorite holiday treat is homemade Chex mix. During the year, I buy the bagged stuff, but when the holidays roll around, I start making tray after tray to have on hand for holiday gatherings and to take to work on treat days. The bagged is good, but homemade is just the best! Happy holidays!

Oh, my favorite Christmas treat? WOW, I love them all, but I just love the dark chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn Confection from Harry and David. I am lucky enough to have HD in Oregon, so there are stores all over. Just YUMMY!

I've been drooling over this bird image for along while. BEautiful card. My favorite Christmas treat is old fashioned ribbon candy - the real thin kind that melts in your mouth. My mom always manages to find it somewhere! I never can. My kids are old enough to know that Nana's special Christmas treats may not continue if I'm in charge. Poor babies! Diane

My favorite treat is Raspberry Croissant French Toast and eating it in my pajamas in front of the fire on Christmas morning!

Wow - I guess "lots of favorite treats" really isn't an answer! I'll choose my Grandma's pumpkin roll with the cream cheese filling.
PS - thanks for all of the inspiration. I love looking at your blog. :)

This card is wonderful, so rich and warm! I can hear those birdies chirping that holiday song from here! My favorite treat is Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Limited Edition Peppermint Bark. It's killer, have to try them!!

Hi Anna, My favourite holiday treat is what my kids call "Santa's cookies", which is just plain 'ol shortbread. Santa gets some shortbread and a glass of milk every Christmas Eve and of course, everyone has to check the quality of the cookies that we are giving Santa!

Ha! I am a super simple girl...my favorite holiday treats are candy canes!!! Other than that, nothing beats a spiced eggnog on Christmas Eve...ahhh.....
~~Katie Mullins
[email protected]

Those birds are too sweet, and your coloring is excellent! This is so much fun!

I love reading everybody's answers. I am such a "vanilla" type of person when it comes to my food tastes. (It makes up for my bizarre sense of humor.) I just love salty pretzels dipped in white almond bark. Something about the sweet and salty that is very appealing to me. (Add strong black coffee to balance everything out, and it's perfect!)

My favorite holiday treat(s) are always the sweet ones! I make a mean copycat of Starbuck's Cranberry Bliss bar that people lick their fingers over! And I make a quick and dirty little "poor man's" toffee. Gosh, this really makes me want to go make some right now since I haven't made it yet! Eeek! So far behind!

Nice card, cute kittie..one of my favs is the classic pumpkin roll....mmmmm....
Holiday Hugzzz

HOLY birds....this card is AMAZING!!!

My fav holiday treats are star cookies...choc covered graham cookies with nonparills dots on top. yummy!!!

My favorite treat has got to be iced sugar cookies, although on some days, just the icing would work too LOL!

So sorry to hear about Curly Two! May she find the peace that only heaven can give her!

I think my favorite treat is my Ginger Cookies. They are soft and chewy and the ONLY ginger-type item I like! Not my recipe, by the way! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Hi Anna,
Your Blog is amazing and full of masterpieces. :)

My favorite treat to eat over the Christmas holidays are my homemade caramels. They do take a while by the stove but they are worth it.

Merry Christmas to you & your family,

I love that card....cute chubby birds and a lovely color scheme. My favorite treat of the season is peppermint candy icecream.

Oh my goodness, this post has had a LOT of comments. I was going to say how much I love the image of the birds. It's beautiful. And if I had to pick a favourite holiday treat? It would by my mother's scottish shortbread...hands down it is just melt in your mouth goodness. And the only time of year I ever make it. The weather has to be "just right"..not too damp or it won't work properly.

OMG, I love your card!!!

My favorite treat for the holidays would have to be cranberry cookies, they are just delicious! Oh, and chocolates, cheesecake, fudge... those are great too!
Thanks for the chance at some awesome blog candy!

I love Gingerbread and Cranberries treats this time of the year. I love to bake cakes, pies, breads, cobblers and cookies, with these two favorites. Anna your bird card is beautiful!!!! Love Crafty Secrets! Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and New Year!

Favorite treats! The unexpected ones! My daughter stopping by with my granddaughter, Amazing Grace, or something warm like your Russian Tea recipe

Hmmm..so much to choose from! My ultimate favorite is really lame, but I love those Chocolate Cherry Cordials (a box sells for less than $1). I only buy them at the holiday time, but I love them!!

Shawn K.

My favorite holiday treat is the 'goop' (chex mix) my grandmother has always made for us. When I was in college she would package it up in a big coffee can for me to take back with me. And she always added extra cashews. mmmmmm

I love chocolate coated cake balls that I always get at my mom's ... lemon cake and red velvet cake in white chocolate ... so yummy.

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