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OMG, too funny! Love it!


Not for this year I haven't....I'm running a few years behind in the card mailing. I have received some adorable ones though, including a cute penguin on figgy pudding paper!

BTW - I love that sheep! Sometimes I feel like that during this busy time of year! I prefer to focus on it's true meaning, rather than all the chaos and busyness!

I am finishing mine up tonight so they will be going out tomorrow! This last week has gone by at breakneck speed! I can't believe Christmas is almost here!! ACK!

this is so cute. My cards went out in today's mail.

Love this card!

And no, I haven't mailed a single card yet. I have them made (even made four more last night) but haven't pulled out the address list and started addressing and mailing them yet. Oops!

Really cute card. I love the image. It is adorable. Someone is very lucky to get this one.

Mine went out a few weeks ago! Had to make 90! Plus print out photos and cut them out and stuff them in as well! My hands need a break.


Done and gone 2 weeks ago... Now I'm done and gone til 2008. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Alan and all the critters. And just so you know - every time it snows up here I say "baaah humbug!" I'm "fluffy" like that sheep, too, but my hair only has a few wild white ones at this point. Have you been looking under the pedestal for inspiration this week??

Anna: That is just so darn cute. I need that for my husband. Nope, I'm not done yet, I have mailed a few & hope they arrive w/out too much damage or postage due, wouldn't that be bah humbugish? We had some snow today so everyone is in the Christmas spirit except when you have to drive in it.

What a cute sheep and the sentiment! Too funny! Also, I love the simplicity of this card. Layers add so much in postage, that I'm looking for "flat" ideas! Love your "buggy" sheep!

As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful card designs, Anna. I did manage to mail my cards 10 days ahead of time! Not bad when i was just starting the sketch 4 days earlier. And I had problems with my printer and then the size of the image came out wrong, so I had to add a layer I hadn't planned on...but that led to one of those accidental 'eureka' moments. I didn't post it at SCS, because it's not a stamped card, but you can see it here at Bungalowdays.blogspot.com

Merry Christmas!!

Anna, This is WAY TO CUTE for words! I love the simplicity and the humor of this card. I also need to start a whole lot sooner on Christmas cards next year! LOL

Anna, Way too CUTE for words! I love the simplicity and the humor of this card.

This is so adorable!!! Wow..so simple, but a really sweet, cute card! You amaze me, as always! On the cards...uh, I have a really good excuse for being behind. We are getting ready to put our house on the market and moving out of the country and all this while still working our full-time jobs. I think family and friends might forgive us, but I dunno. I think a New Year's card with a family update letter will work or maybe Valentine's. I am so far behind I can see my behind in front of me! :)

Nope, have not even thought about it....well, not exactly true, but we are going to do ours after Christmas so we can include a cute Christmas picture with our girls!! I am going through and using a lot of cards I have made up during the year so most people will get a different card, which is kind of fun :)

I absolutely love this! I need that sheep stamp and the saying........pleeeeeeeez....


Love it!! That image is adorable! To answer your question: no! I'm so far behind I'm going to meet myself coming around the corner any moment!! Oh well, I'm not called "Last Minute Lucy" for nothing!! :)

Oh my - How cute!!! I adore it and am a huge fan of the simplicity of it. I did finally finish my christmas cards and got the last of them out just yesterday. (yikes) Thankfully the ones going to canada and hawaii were sent out several days before that. (whew)

I currenty have tendonitis in both arms and so of course I have a good excuse. *wink*

Merry Christmas and thanks for your wonderful blog throughout the year.
Denise Lynn

OMGoodness, this is beyond adorable! Love the image and sentiment!!!!! Yep I finished mailing out cards on Monday..Whew!

Sweet Miss Daisy, I have not even finished putting them all together! I love your little sheep and the sentiment though! Too cute!

This is sooooooo cute! I love that santa hat!! I mailed half my cards and I'm determined to do the other half today at lunch time! Wish me luck!

Love your card, simply beautiful. You have the best ideas. And yes my cards are done. I do one design and mass produce. Began them in August, done be Nov. Takes me a while as I am constantly redoing until I get it right. Merry Christmas!

Yep! Mine are all mailed! * big grin* This is thanks to the Christmas card Challenge on Splitcoast, so I made 10 cards a month! Kinda of fun to use cool winter colors in the heat of the summer! Getting lots of comments on teh ones received! If it is any consolation, the Thanksgiving cards went out late!

yup, i mailed them, and yup i am patting myself on the back, because i am organized! my family is in awe. hey, doesn't hurt to keep 'em guessing right?

Ummm NO. I feel so much better now though from reading the other comments. It's 3:43 a.m. here and I am getting packages taped HELLO the cards ready to go, in my ziploc waiting for addressing and postage. Yes they will most likely be late.

Cute card! My last card is going out today and then I'm done! I did much better than last year, so I'm happy!

YES!!! I did have to make one last one today for someone I forgot -- ooops!

Love your sheep :)

Nope, haven't even addressed them! :)
Love this card!

Ummmmmm..... no. I think people are getting Happy New Year's cards instead.

What a super cute card! Love the sentiment! There is just not enough time in the day! Still working on addressing and actually making some cards. Some friends may be looking at New Years greetings!

We mailed most of them the Mon after Thanksgiving...
I made 119 & passed some of them out to friends.
Gramma Dar

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest card ever! I love it! I'd love to be getting one of those...you have lucky people on your list!!! :D I have not even started making mine, and since all 4 of our boys and their families will be coming here, I don't think I'm gonna make it! I am so far behind on everything, but I do have food bought, and gifts; so at least we'll have that!!! :)

Lovey the card!!! No, I haven't mailed out my Holiday greetings....I should...but there is not enough time in the day to it. (LOL!!!)

So cute...and the answer to your question is "maybe?"...ha!

i. love. it!
i must have those stamps!
thanks for such a great card. and um, i'm done, except still waiting for dh to write on one to his buddy from h.s.

I finished mailing mine yesterday... except for the one I forgot to stamp the sentiment on the inside. That one is going out tomorrow. :)

The short answer is NO!

Are you kidding? We're supposed to mail all those cards we made? LOL!

Adorable card...love the stamp and sentiment!

My cards have been mailed over a week ago and they have been arriving now, which is great! :) I did my cards this year with sassafrass lass owls and that gorgeous Tree Shoppers stamp which you used for a card :). I looove that stamp. I am trying to work on a xmas journal, but I am so behind with the pages. I mean, today is the 20th already and I just finished page 8! :)

This is so cute and about the way I feel right now. You did not mention who makes the stamp? I would love to know. Thanks, Sheila

Cute card!

In answer to your question, I'm so far behind that I've decided I'm just really ahead of the game for next year. Hah, and my friends say I only ever see the glass as half-empty. Clearly, this is a half-full approach, right?

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