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Anna, I LOVE It! Congrats on a new release!

Oh for Hen's sakes! If this stamp isn't already sold out ... something is really 'wrong' with the spreadsheet software!! Cluck, cluck, CLUCKKKKK!

OMG!!! She is egg-dorable! I cannot wait to order this stamp! I just recently have began looking at other stamp companies & am in love with so many! But Whipper Snapper is one of my favorites, as you can all see why!
You did a super job coloring!!

This is soooo great, Anna! I love that big 'ole colorful Easter egg underneath the poor little chicken. I can't wait to see ALL of what you've come up with this time!

One of your designs?!?!? It is really cute. She looks kind of surprised about the egg. What would real hens do with a boiled egg? Since they seem to sit on anyone's eggs--not just their own..

Love it Anna! Your chickens are always so darn cute!! You have such good models at home to design from;) Love the coloring! It is superb!!

Awwww...made me laugh I guess because we have a pet chicken. Poor Chicka, I recently saw her sitting on one like this that I thought probably shoulda nearly killed her!!!! I MUST have this when it is released! It is...EGGstravagant!!! ;)

This cracks me up.....Love the colored egg!!!

Love the chicken and her fabulous egg! I also love the little bit of zigzag stitching for added detail.

Rock on!

Oh, my gosh! This is so cute! I love it! Of course, your coloring is fabulous. Wow! I need about ten more of me to even begin to keep up with everything I'd love to have and play with!

Too cute.

OMgosh is that ever cute! I met Lisa from Whipper at the Milwaukee show and we talked about you! It seems as though we are both pretty smitten with you sweet Anna!
Great image and adorable card@

That card is so cute - and fun!!!

What a hoot!! This is priceless!


aaaaaaaaack! This is caaaute! Anna, your WS images are among my very VERY favs!!

Love this chicken. I do think this would make the perfect Easter card next year :). Its just great!!

Oh so cute!!! I just ordered my first Whipper Snapper stamps! So exciting!!

This is so adorable!! I can't wait for the release because this will definitely be a must own. I love the vibrancy of your color and the fact that you keep the layout simple to showcase the image.

OMG - This is so adorable!! The waiting for this release is going to kill me!! Love it, love it, love it!!

WOW! You're just too darn good. There oughta be a law against your talent! This is REALLY darling. I tend not to stamp too much cute, but you are twisting my arm something fierce with your Whipper Snapper stuff. And to think I only came here for the coloring, distressing and farm news in the beginning. Keep up the incredible art, Anna! I think I can polish another 10 feet of pedestal...

Totally adorable!!!!

Oh Anna, he is HOT!! I love him/her perched up there on that egg! SOOOOO CUTE!

Sigh, I thought I did SO well catching up on my wish list with all those lovely October promotions Whipper Snapper had. I can already see that list growing again. What a cutie! I love the colors. I can hardly wait to see the rest of your new stamps! Manetta

This made me laugh out loud! I LOVE it! And your colors are GORGEOUS...how vibrant and beautiful! Can't wait to get THIS stamp! :)

That is too cute! And of course your coloring is just fabulous!

I love that chicken.

I love that chicken! I wonder if she's gonna hatch a whole brood at once, that's a huge beauty of an egg!


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