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OMG ... usually I just lurk here and enjoy your work ... but I had to laugh because I grew up in Sarasota! LOL... I could so see that really happening! Thanks for the laugh.


How funny! Great one to pass on. Thank you!

LOL that was great!!! Poor lady!

THis is GREAT. I laugh out loud so long!!!!!
Thank you for lifting my day!!


hahaha, sounds like something I would do! Too cute, thanks for the laugh! :)

OMG, that has me laughing so hard! I want to send it to my "senior" dad and uncle! Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning...

OMG, I can't stop laughing. Thanks, I really enjoyed that!

That is the best! Thanks for the laugh!

Thanks for the laugh, that was great!!


This is too funny! Thanks for starting my morning off with a good laugh.


OMG...that is TOO funny! I am sitting here laughing so loud. Love it!

OMG That is too funny. The minute I read that, I thought of that card Sheer Cheever just did....Bwaaahaaaa

That is so funny! I have to send that to my BIL. He is a police officer!!!

How funny, yep, that could be me in a few yrs.....

Sounds like something I would do--good thing I don't carry a gun!

What a HOOT!!

Oh man! I needed that tonight! That's hysterical.

OH MY GOSH! That is so funny! Thanks for sharing!

I think this is about the funniest thing I've ever read! Thanks so much for sharing!

Too funny! I'm still laughing!

That is absolutely HYSTERICAL!!! :)

That's awesome! LOL!

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