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Hi Anna! Cute card! I look at it and think "Is it lunchtime yet?". As for the details, I say the more, the better!

There is some serious FUN going on with this card. It's just adorable & I loved reading all the poster's comments on what could be put on the inside, hilarious!!
I don't necessarily need a full recipe either.

Love the Card! I like to have the recipe to refer to. Being color challenged, it helps to read what papers and inks you've used, as well as products used for finishing touches. I agree with other posters though, if it takes time away from design work I'd rather see more of your card designs. Love your work! Thanks for sharing.
Carrie C.

I am not clever in the sentiment department, but as far as card details...I usually read to find out who makes the stamp that you used and the patterned paper. As far as techniques, colors, accessories...unless it is a real unusual or unique, I don't find it necessary to have it listed. I hope that helps.

What?! Still no card from Anna and the critters?
Oh wait, the reindeer (me) would have tears, too.
I love Nise comment!!! Too cute...We all want Anna cards, so how perfect!

I don't have any cute sayings..but think the ones given are great..Love the stamp & the card...Have a super weekend. chris

Cute card and love all the message ideas -- yours and the other posts! I actually like the recipes because a lot of times this might be the first time I've seen a particular ingredient or heard of a particular company. But truly they are a "nice to have" for me. Far and away, I come for color and layout inspiration. I think the suggestion someone made about just referring to SCS gallery for details is fine. No need to duplicate your work both places if your SCS stuff is in a "public" location.

"Gift cards! - much easier than pulling that sleigh!"

And yes, I like having the recipe. Cute card.

I liked the one about waiting to hear from the reindeer association. That is actually close to what my thought was when I first saw the card...that this cute little guy was trying to be part of santa's team. The duck looking back is funny too, like he had to make a double take to be sure of what he saw. I found what i needed in the text previously, but whatever works for you & your needs. Either way is good, like most of the group answering, I like to know who made the stamp (and whether it is one of yours or not) and what papers you used.

Beary disappointing...nothing from deer old you!

Well...guess I'll stick to my day job of cleaning the house! :) Love the other comments - they're just so clever and your card is darling.

As for the recipe, I usually don't give it much attention, but I usually love the stamps you use so it's nice to see who makes them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations.

How about, "Man, I didn't use enough postage!" :^)

Take care and STAY POSTIIVE!!

That's it, I can't stand it anymore, I am going to have to go visit Rosie!! Crikey Anna, you cost me money EVERYTIME you post!!! Don't you feel guilty about that???? LOL

Your card is delightful (like that saying? trying something new...LOL)!!! Those reindeer antlers crack me up and all the mail? TOO FUNNY!!

This is so dang cute!

How about - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I like the way you have been doing it ~ naming the stamp company and paper source. However, like Mary mentioned above, if you are posting on SCS, the recipe is good. I don't think you need to list recipes in both places. If time is an issue, I'd much rather see more creations than everything listed. :)

As far as the inside sentiment goes, the only thing I can think of at the moment is:

"Dotty, the votes are in ~ I WILL teach you how to color after all!!!"
(sorry Anna, I just couldn't resist!)

I love the scenes that you create with this stamp line! They are always delightful! I enjoy having all of the information that you provide, but I'm sure that it can be a lot for you to do some days. As long as I know the stamps and papers, I'm a happy camper! :D

I love the scenes that you create with this stamp line! They are always delightful! I enjoy having all of the information that you provide, but I'm sure that it can be a lot for you to do some days. As long as I know the stamps and papers, I'm a happy camper! :D

Hi Anna - If you're completing the recipe for posting on Splitcoast, it's nice to see the details. However, I agree with the other posters that I'm most interested in what stamps you've used (and from which company - oh, the brands I've discovered through your cards!) plus the special things you've added to make it special. Your cards are always a delight to see - and case :>) Thanks so much for sharing.


Sentiment: Happiness is a full mailbox.
(not real creative) but I am NOT good with words--that is why I stamp ;)

BTW--I really like the way you do the recipe. Usually I look for the stamp, the manufacturer, and a list of accessories.

Personally, I love seeing your *recipe* for the card! Can't think of a witty saying for your card; like any of those you mentioned! Love the design of your card and the colors!

I usually just look for info on the stamps, papers and coloring medium. As for Mr. Bear, I think he's saying to Duckie "This one's for you."

I can't stop thinking about this....
what about "Congratulations!! You've won______!" You could fill in so many things --- perhaps:
"a handstamped card by me!"
"a spot on our reindeer team!"
"some blog candy!"
"dinner and a movie!"

Hmmmmmmmmm ---

Shake your tail feathers!

You sir, are no Rudolph!

Duck down, we're in for a bumpy ride tonight.

You fluff my feathers!

BWAHAHAHA, okay I'm done!

I'll be interested to see what the concensus is on the recipes.

What?! Still no card from Anna and the critters?
Oh wait, the reindeer (me) would have tears, too.
Great card and the one thing I LOVE about you is that if I have a question about something you've shared you ALWAYS give me a forthright and SPEEDY answer. If your fans really wanna know the recipe, they'll ask. Maybe just some basics, especially who makes the stamp or if you're using a new product. I'm a detail junkie and I know it's time consuming. Bottom line, though, it's your blog, so do what you wanna do, Oh Great Art Goddess.

I think you have got your answer about recipes, Anna. I think if you add something
different or something that doesn't actually
show up in the photo,it is worth mentioning.
But the picture usually tells the tale and
you do have an email address to ask specific
questions if necessary.

Okay, so I like to know mainly the DP details or if you designed the background yourself and the stamps.
As for the inside I think it would be cute if it said, Bills, bills and more bills! Still hoping to hear from you.

Just thought of another one: "Surprised to hear from me? I've been busy but you've been on my mind."

Happy Mail Day!

Wow - you've gotten a ton of cute suggestions. I like them all - esp. the one from Doris where she says "can't wait to display these on my antlers." Also, I think you don't need to put so much of the details on your blog - how you've been doing it worked great for me!

Love kathynruss and lisa's ideas. What about - "I'm sitting. What's the big news?"
"Don't let disappointment get your down"

Cute card - his expression is precious!
Just found your blog today and will be adding it to my list to check often. As for recipes - I never even look at those posted on other blogs - well, not closely anyway - but I did look at yours b/c you asked and it was actually really hard for me to read and absorb. But I wouldn't base any decision on what I say b/c like I said, I don't normally look at the recipes.

I don't need a lot of details, it's fun to make changes in color and play without it having to be identical....that would be tough to do anyway since you are the master!

On the sayings: That's nothing to quack about bear!


Personally, I like all the details. Sometimes there are colors, techniques, inks, etc. that you use and it helps. However, if this detail takes away from the time you have to create these beautiful and fun cards, then I vote for time spent on your creations. Thanks for all the inspiration I get from your creations!

Your cards are all so neat! I love lots of details-helps us newbies. Thanks for Sharing.

Bev J.

Love the card details. Any info I get which could get my work remotely close to yours, helps. Now, if only we could do a brain exchange. :)

I LOVE seeing the recipes. It totally enables my shopping! hee hee hee
Thanks so much for all you do on your awesome blog!

What a cute card!! The sentiment that came to my mind was "Sending reindeer wishes and big bear hugs to you this Christmas!" Personally, I like seeing the recipe. That way if there is any element of your card that I want to duplicate there is no confusion as to what I need to find and/or purchase to make the card. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful designs! LOVE your site!!

I loved Chelseys' idea; "Dude, seriously antlers?" TOO FUNNY!

I don't think the recipes are necessary. I think the way you've been listing has been perfect. Much more interesting to read your interpretation and clicking on all the links you provide.

My idea for the saying; "Sending you Bear hugs"

How about...hybernation is overrated...
recipes are fine, love it all.
cute card. A sidenote ?. How come when I check "remember my personal info" it doesn't save on your blog comments? All my personal info saves in other blogs just not yours. Thanks

Hi Anna - Great card! How about: Can
'bearly' wait to hear from you! for the sentiment. I like the new recipe format. I love reading as much as I can about your cards...and the farm animals too! Enjoy your day!

"More application rejections from the Reindeer Association!" I like when the recipes are there if I'm questioing something, but it's usually not a big deal. But I'm sure you probably get questions on all your postings so it might save you time in the long run in answering the e-mails!

Stamp and paper is enough for me. If I can't figure it out, I'll ask! This is sooo cute! Here's what I'd have him say:


Hi Anna,
How about:
*Cards, cards, cards - where is the good
*No presents!? I don't remember being
I haven't had much time lately to spend on the computer, but today I had a few minutes to spare and checked out your blog. I LOVE all the cards that you've posted recently (no surprise here!). Can't wait to see the new Whippersnapper release. Even though I haven't been able to purchase any of the stamps you've designed yet, I always enjoy looking at them and dream of hopefully someday owning some of them. :0)
I like the card recipes, but agree with other posters that if it is too time consuming just the basics would do.
Have a wonderful day!
Anette (snowmom13)

What a cute card! My first impression was that the inside would be a remark from the bear about the mail (instead of what's in the unopened letters.) Like, "Can't wait to display these cards on my antlers!"

I enjoy the recipes; but if it's too much, just the stamp and unusual ingredients would do.

Oh, how cute, Anna! I agree with the above posters. I usually just want to know the stamp and the paper. Because of you I have a nice stash of Rob and Bob papers :) Super cute card...I'm not so creative in the sentiment department, so I'll leave that to someone else and just say your card is stinkin' cute!

Bare with me, wanna go skinny dippin'?

I love your card, Anna!

love it! How about, 'darn, I just found out Santa is on vacation' because he looks just a tad bit sad. About the details - stamps and patterned paper are just fine. Since you have the email me button below your name, if someone has a burning question perhaps they can go that route. Saves you time *wink*

from the birds thots: "dude, seriously Antlers?"

"Bear, next time DO NOT forget your red nose, its hard enough that your a bear but with out the red nose your useless. signed your partner in crime"

and to answer your question so long as you post the stamps and patterened paper (if any) you dont need to post much of a recipe. or say they can look at teh SCS post to find teh details.

TFS you cute cards, chelsey

P.S. I got so wrapped up in my dialog that
I didn't mention that I love your card. I love that crazy reindeer!

I have a question for your question - do you find that you have a lot of people asking about the recipe? Unless someone wants to case your card to every detail, I like to take your elements and change it up
to my preferences sometimes. I look to your
designs and colour combinations for inspiration but put my own twist on it.

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