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um, what blobs? and why would you put the light colors down first? that would be backwards! this is a really neat card. lots of work to get it done, i'm thinking. although it looks more like a mum than a sunflower.
if i see another post like this, i am going to email you a wet noodle! :)
love your blogs!

Okay ... I can see the "should have" in your color layers ... but it's "after" you mention it! hahaha And the Glimmer Mist blops?? If you tried over & over again X25, I doubt you would get the same "spray fall". Ahhhhh, Anna! You sometimes are "prey" to the pitfalls that I am! Wow! *wink*

Anna, Anna, Anna,

the card is fabulous! I love your work, and have spent long periods of time on your blog. If you only knew how much inspiration you give to me!

What a gorgeous card. May I make one as unfabulous as that one today! (wink, wink) I totally understand your thoughts, but if you hadn't pointed them out, I would never have seen those "blobs". Looks stunning!

Okay, I should be so not-so-fabulous. It's gorgeous, like so much of your work.

I love your card and the colors. The darker petals against the card show up the flower more than if you had them arranged the opposite way. And, it doesn't look too splotchy. What's that saying about being our own worst critic ;-)

I like it just like it is.... Hope to see you soon!

Beautiful sunflower! Absolutely love it!

I really like it! In general, I just can't warm up to this flower stamp, but I have to say that this is only 2 or 3 I've seen that tempts me sorely to reconsider. I would be thrilled to receive this card!

I actually love it. there are my favorite colors and they just say Fall. great job!

Yes, it's WAY "blobby," and I'd be happy to take it off your hands - lol!! You should link it to Beate's weekend challenge too!

later, alligator!
- Sue B of sueblondin.blogspot.com

Well I think it's fabulous!!

F - a - b - u - l - o - u - s!

As far as I'm concerned, you didn't fall short! I think it's beautiful! I love that stamp set and you did it good!!!

Are you kidding me?!?! This is FABULOUS!!! We're all drooling over it! :)

You gotta be kidding me! All of your cards are FABULOUS including this one!! If you're tired of looking at it my address is 3205.......LOL

Oh quit being so poopy pants about your card, anyone who received it would be oohhhhing & ahhhing over it!!! LOL

I still haven't tried out my Glimmer Sprays, I just may have to get a little messy this weekend and give them a go. Perhaps we should all have a "spray off!!" LOL

Have a great weekend Anna! :)

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