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Yes, yes, yes, more pictures of your sweet critters! I always look forward to your beautiful cards, but then every once in awhile I get a special surprise, a picture of one your breath taking animals. Eddie is one of my favorites! More please...

They are so cute! I like their names too!

I LOVE Lucy's red coat, it looks all soft and cushy. I'm thinkin that these new cows got the best end of the bargain..gettin' spoiled rotten! Spring sounds like fun and I cannot wait to see the pictures of the babies!

Your animal pictures always bring a smile to my face and warm my heart!!!!!

Oh, they are both so sweet looking. Have fun spoiling your newest additions.

She is so adorable!! I love your animal pics. Good luck on the calf in the spring. Have a fantastic week! Chris

Lucy and Pixie are so pretty. Love the color and Pixie's eyes are so amazing. What a great photo you got of her. Spoil the heck out of both of them!


Oh, how pretty, pretty, pretty your new girls are! Alan did SO well!

Gotta say Anna, I'm a city girl and I love hearing about your farming/ranching/whatever the proper term is life!

My brothers used to raise holsteins and I love cows.
Yours are gorgeous and I am sure you will have a wonderful time spoiling them. How many do you have at this time?

How beautiful they are... thanks for sharing them with us!

They are so cute! How do you keep track of all these animals though? LOL

And where is my Eddie? Why haven't we seen pics of him lately? And Mr. Farley & Miss Daisy? Geez... LOLOL

I love that darling little Lucy. You are going to have to get a "Desi" to accompany her around the farm. I am with Diane McVey, I don't know which I look forward to more...the cards or the farm pictures and stories. I think I am going to have to do a feature on my little babies sometime. Mine are not quite as interesting....they just totally rule the househould.

Don't know which I enjoy more, your cards...or your photos! Love seeing the animals...and the farm. I also love the vivid colors you use in your cards...both cards and photos are a visual feast! Thanks for sharing your talent and your world. A fan from Oklahoma.

Oh, they are beautiful! Love the red coat Lucy is sporting...(is she named after Lucille Ball??) and Pixie is just darling. She has very pretty horns! You are lucky that you will be having calves in the spring...oh what great fun! I just LOVE your pictures, and all your critters. They make me smile! Thanks for sharing the 2 new additions with us! :)

Little Lucy just looks like she needs to be loved! How darling! I love her red coat. Please do spoil!

And Pixie looks tiny too! Look at her little bitty front legs! Awwwwwwww, my farmyard cows were full-sized ... so even though I had a couple of favorites growing up ... they grew up to be much larger!

Love these pics, Anna!

How now? a brown cow? (ok I just couldn't resist) They are very cute for cows--it's hard to really tell--sheesh, I didn't even know cows had horns, I thought only bulls did....OK, so I'm more of a city girl than country girl--it is all really interesting though. I'm glad you put pics up of them.

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