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What a sweetie! I did not know that you could give bunnies a bath! LOL! Now that I know that, I am going to give out little mini lop a quick one! She will probably bite me before its over though!

OMG! What a cutie!!!! I love Lollie!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs Darlin'! Happy Thanksgiving! Ash~

Lollie is absolutely adorable in all those bubbles! And now he's all clean and soft - all the better to cuddle with :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

This SO made me smile! Thanks for sharing :). Happy Thanksgiving.

What an excellent title for a kids book!

Oh he's so cute! One of my favorite photos is the one of him in the kleenex box shortly after you brought him home.

Awwww! He has really grown and is one handsome guy!

awwww, Lollie is such a sweet guy and now he's all groomed for the holidays!


OMG Anna,
He looks so cute! I sure he LOVED it!! Happy Thanksgiving. Chris

Still cute as ever, even wet!!

Oh....I love that little picture of sudsy Lollie. How's the baby donkey?

awww, he is so cute. Is Eddie doing well too?

Lollie is a cutie..and very lucky to have such a diligent mum! TFS

He is a cutie!

*Mouth gaping open saying "AH"* hehe What a CUTE picture! I had bunnies when I was a kid, and I never thought to bathe them! LOL You are too funny...what a cutie he is! :)

How cute is he??

WHAT a cutie pie!! Look at those eyes!! And that little bunny nose :) This picture made me smile big!!

OMG I am SURE he loved it. That is so cute makes me want to go make a Christmas bunny card. =D

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