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Ok, you now have made me need this stamp. Love that bear. He is just too cute. You've done a great job with this stamp!

What a great card! It has a nice warm glow to it and I feel like "Fuzzy" is offering me a nice warm cup of cocoa. Very cute!

This is oh so cute! I like your idea about making it look like a photo - I'll have to try that :)

Wow! What a great idea!! That cute bear really does look like he is popping out of a photo. This card is Fabulous!

Beautiful Anna! I went to High Hopes yesterday and couldn't get in, I'm going to keep trying! Hee hee (get it -- I have high hopes, high hopes...) Oh well.. I'm a goof!

Your coloring on that bear are so perfect!!! I agree, can I stamp with you??? I love all your stamps & style! Chris

He is adorable! Love the paper combo too!

ooo He is too cute!! Reminds me of Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?

Too cute! Gotta love those High Hopes images!! :0)

Fuzzy is SOO cute. You are so clever for taking his picture!!

Perfect stamp for doing this with--making it look like you took his picture, just as he was handing you a hot cup of cocoa as you step in from the cold...so sweet. He is very handsome & I do believe it is a he, although, it would be more like a she (good friend or mother) to be handing you a cup of cocoa already made ..

That looks like me before I have my coffee :) Love your coloring, it's so vibrant.

So cute and furry and sweet! Love it!

Your coloring is ALWAYS amazing!!!!! Will you teach me? puhleeze????? I'll pay you, I'll buy you more stamps, more paper, I'll bring chocolate, I'll clean your house, do your laundry, cook, feed all the critters, heck I'll even clean cow pies in the barn!!! Whatcha say Anna?? (oh, wait a second....I think I got carried away with the cow pies....unless of course Alan colors like you, well then give me the rubber boots & a shovel!! you know...the equal opportunity thing...tee hee)

Too cute! I look so forward to seeing your creations! The way you color is amazing! Care to teach me? I don't live too far away (Midlothian)! So you colored him first then cut him? I'm having issues with that. I can't seem to master lining my images up. Any tips?

How cute! I love how it looks like he's reaching right out to you! How about this for a new song to get stuck in your head.... it's what's currently stuck in mine! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHOPecoy6os

I used to say that rhyme too! This is so CUTE! I love the fact his PAW is so much bigger than the cup!

I'm looking at this fuzzy wuzzy and he looks like FELT! How in the H*%# do you always get your coloring to look so darn REAL? I could hug this guy! Really adorable and I liked the silhouette one, too. It's silly, though, because I like EVERYTHING you do. I know, I know. Enough of the praise, just polish the pedestal...

So cute! How about...there was an old man named Michael Finnigan, he grew fat and then grew thin again...

Okay, maybe it's not any better of a tune to have stuck in your head than fuzzy wuzzy...but it's different :)

He's adorable and I love your coloring! It's always so rich and vibrant!

I don't know how you do it but you ALWAYS find the cutest stamps! I love this bear. Now I have another web site to check out and probably *wink* place an order. My pocket book thanks you. :-)
I hope you had a great turkey day! Manetta
p.s. how are the my turkins doing?

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