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Darn. Great drawing, but before I read your post I scrolled to the bottom to see where I could buy this stamp! LOL

Love this card.....and that cute snowman you drew is adorable.
I'm always chasing time with my cards. I try to get them out by the 17 of December though.

Cappy is darling! I love your style.

I mail my Christmas cards out whenever they are done. I try to mail them out the first week of December.

Hope you're feeling better.

Anna, I love all your snowmen and chickens and images you design. I think you should start your own stamp company! Ü

At the rate that I am going this year, it will be 5 days before Christmas before I get my cards done and out in the mail. I am so busy this year that I am have trouble finding time to make the cards. I haven't even started! I will be making the kind this year that can be assembly line fashioned. I will probably pick two designs and mass produce. Ugh!

I love snow people! In fact, I have an entire large box in my stamping closet that is nothing but them. So, of course, I find Cappy just way cute.

I usually target the 2nd Monday of December (or the 10th of the month depending how the calendar works out) to get the cards and the packages in the mail. Then I can relax and just enjoy the holiday season without stressing.

I LOVE her!

I am with all these other gals and ADORE little Miss Cappy! I like to wait until December to send my cards. I never am done by the first, though. I send mine in two batches - usually they are both sent by the 15th though...

Cappy is adorable! I love your receiving your updates each morning. As far as sending Christmas cards out, I think anything goes. I work in retail and have been looking at Christmas since May/June so I was almost tempted to send them out back in the summer. Have a grat holiday! P.S. I wish I could draw like you!!
Bev Hammack (Rette Mom)
Grand Prairie, TX

I mean stamps!

You have to design cards!

I love your illustrations! So much personality!

I mail out my cards whenever I finally finish them! Hopefully early December. ; )

Ohhh I'm lovin' Cappy!! I try to wait until Dec. 1st comes around til I run to the post office to mail out all my cards. But I HAVE to decorate Thanksgiving night. lol :) Not this year though. :( We'll be in Alaska this time. I hope I have the energy to decorate when we get home.

Ahh this is so sweet! Love the paper too! Great job Anna!

Holy snowballs, Anna.....this needs to be a stamp! ;)

Your snowmen are always so cute! Love her hair!

What a beautiful snowman! What a great job drawing him!

Cappy is darling!

As far as my card sending habits - always on December 15th unless that falls on a Sunday.
Yes, I'm a creature of habit and routine. *wink*

Cappy is a darling snowgirl. Love your drawing. Maybe she will be a new release next year. I wait until after Dec. 1st to mail my cards.

Cappy is adorable! What a talent you are! I like to get my cards out the first week in December but lately they've been going out closer to the third week. I'm working hard to get them out earlier this year :)

OH, I forgot, I like to get my cards out the first or second week in December, not too early, but early enough. Not sure it'll happen this year for me, I haven't even started my Christmas cards!! EEeekkk!!

This card is beautiful!! I love that snowman and would buy her in a heartbeat!! I know it's terrible, but when I was going down my google reader list, I saw the title caption for this card and thought it said "crappy"!! LOL! I clicked to see what you would think was crappy and then realized it says cappy! And it's not a crappy card at ALL!!! :D Thanks so much for sharing this! Your work is amazing!

She's adorable! I love her hat!
I usually mail my Christmas cards out December 23rd...lol but this year I'm doing wayyy better and will probably start around the 1st.

She's beautiful! I mail my cards out whenever they are finished!

Oh what a beautiful snowman she is. I hope she becomes a stamp! I usually send my Christmas cards out around December 1st. I have them all done by Thanksgiving but then I send them out about a week after that. Love your blog and read it daily! Sherri

This cutie needs to be a stamp! I mail my cards about the second week of Dec.

You amaze me with your talent!

I mail out of December 1st (in years where I've actually finished my cards by Dec 1st, this year is not looking promising for that)

She is darling!! Love her hair! I send my Christmas cards out when I get them finished - usually about 10 days before Christmas - or even later!

I adore snowpeople - and she is just divine! LOVE it!

I like cappy. Such a cute name too. I send out my Christmas cards Dec 1st.

Cappy definitely needs to turn into some rubbah!!! She is so cute and your card is awesome as usual!

Cappy is adorable!

My Mom and Grandma sent their Chirstmas cards the day after Thanksgiving. I am not as org. as they are. I send my Christmas Cards the week of me Birtday (Dec.8). That gives me a few extra days to get things done.

Love your snowgirl! I have a tradition of making 100 cards starting as soon as my SU Christmas order comes in August. Then I address all the envies in front of the TV during the many football games Thanksgiving weekend. I drop them in the mailbox Dec. 1st.

I send my cards out a little later. Usually, the 2nd or 3rd week in December. I like them to come about the week before...builds up more anticipation! Love her! I want her as a stamp!!! Pretty please? Lisa K

Cappy is adorable. No surprise there. I love her. Can you turn her into a Whipper Snapper stamo? I send out my cards about the middle of the month.

Oh! I love snowmen and I especially want THIS one as a stamp! Any chance of it???

Beautiful card...

Hi Anna!
Cappy is so cute! You are so talented! I usually intend to send my cards out right after Thanksgiving but usually get busy and then rush around about December 20th and throw them in the mail!!! LOL!!! Every year I say, I won't wait this year, I will send out early, etc.... We'll see!!!


This is so cute- will this become a stamp someday? When I do send Christmas cards I mail then during the first couple weeks of December. This year it's questionable!!

Cappy is just darling! I usually mail the cards to family in Europe by Dec 8 to be sure that they get there on time (although honestly since most of them now send an e-mail rather than a card i am not sure I will continue that expensive tradition) and they rest usually after Dec 10th. I am so happy that I have all my cards made already this year!

sweet little snowman! I am so envious of people who can pick up a pencil and draw or a brush and paint! You are blessed to have your talent. Thanks for sharing it

Love Cappy! Cute and the paper was different but perfect. I usually mail out Christmas cards on the 1st. It bothers me that we make so little of Thanksgiving and skip right to Christmas....so I wait till the 1st.

GORGEOUS!!! I love Cappy! :) i so so so wish I could draw...

I love this drawing Anna!! Cappy is so cute and I love the red & sparkle!! To be honest, my cards are usually going out the very last minute....I know it's terrible! I would prefer mid December ;)

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