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Thanks for the updated picture of Eddie! He is soooo cute!

Having horses, I totally understand the wet *muzzle* and *platform* hoof look!

Ohmygoodness, I can smell him from here! I'm pretty sure wet donkey must be at least as bad as wet dog! Still cute as the dickens, even wet and muddy and STINKY!

What a sweetie! He needs a nice warm bath and a good grooming! How long would that last-HA HA! Glad to hear he's doing well.

Oh Anna, he is still so darn cute. Wet & muddy, but so stinkin' cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


I thought I raised you better than that! One of my grandchildren left out in the rain. Try that again and I'll sic the child protective people on you. Tongue in cheekly, Grampa

ohhhh, I've been dying to see how big he was getting. It was a messy wet day today,wasn't it. He is still adorable.

Ah, I'm with Karrie; and while you're at it, build a fire in the fireplace and let him get good and warm and dry!!! :) He's just too cute...thanks for the picture!

He may be wet & muddy but he's still stinkin' cute!!

Ahhh! Even looking all drowned and wet, he's still adorable!!

Awww, what a sweetie. I love hearing about Eddie. Thanks for the updates. I just want to wrap him up in towels and cuddle *lol*

Ohhhh, my poor baby. Go get him out of the pasture Anna; give him a warm bath and bring him in the house. I mean really, what are you and Alan thinking leaving my sweet baby out there??? LOLOLOL

Even all wet & muddy he is STILL the cutest thing EVER!! :)

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