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i love kitties!!

They're keeping their eyes open for you! (At this house ... even that would be a nice accomplishment!) You're right ... Junior is giving you "the" look! Ohhhh, if he only had his own camera .. heh heh hehhhhh!

Absolutely stunning kitty photos- they look so soft and fluffy-I want to pet them!

Well you know me by now and I just couldn't resist saying how FUN and WONDERFUL your kitty pictures are. I am such sucker for cat photos! They are precious.

I have an all black cat too! His name is Stanley. He must be related to Junior because he is always giving us the stink eye too!

I hope you don't mind me asking but what camera do you use? I would so love to buy a 'proper' camera, but I have no idea what I should go for. Your pictures look so amazing, but is your camera also such that costs an absolute fortune?

They are so beautiful!! :0)

Yes, you do seem to be getting the evil eye from Junior here.

Oh gosh, BEAUTIFUL kitties! I have a solid black also, and a long haired orange! Yours are so awesome, it's great to see pics of them...LOVE IT!

I had a cat years ago that looked EXACTLY like Curly! I love the orange color. His name was Bonkers and let me tell you, he EARNED that name! We had a lot of fun with him though. Crazy, crazy cat. Especially after a little cat nip ;-) Gosh, I'm really missing him now that I'm thinking of him again. How fun it must be sharing life with all those critters of yours!

Love your photos, especially the kitties. I have 3 of my own and love to photograph them. I'm learning from your snapshots!
To view my cats, check out my family blog at www.foxmountain.blogspot.com. From there you can link to my card-making blog at the stamping tower.

OK...so I am a huge cat fan, so I'n lovin' these photos!! Your photos are simply stunning. I love the amazing detail! I have a black kitty that looks similar to Junior, of course all black kitties kind of look the same. Curly is just beautiful! So sweet...TFS!!

They are both so cute! I LOVE when you post kitty pictures :)

You have such awesome animals...I love all the photos!

What a gorgeous orange cat! I have such a weakness for orange kitties.

Cats are so finicky, my Callie does the same thing. I would share her nickname with you but I don't think it is appropriate to post on your blog. LOLOL

Love your photos!! :)

I love the pics, I too have a couple of kitties and before I had my DH kids the kittes were my babies...now they are almost 11 yrs old and I still can't imagine life without them...keep up the awsome job photographing your extended family...

Oh wow! I just love those photos!!! If I had lots of money, I think I would fly you here to Australia to take pictures of my cat :). She is so dark that it is hard to get any good pictures of her. Fortunately every now and then I actually do succeed :).

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