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Awwww!! They are so cute!!

What a cute little baby donkey!! He is just adorable and has such pretty markings. We are expecting a baby donkey in Nov. Starfire's last baby was born last Dec. during a cold spell and we losd him 11 days later so we are really excited about this one. I will have to share pictures with ya...Joan

Anna, I have never been the kind of woman that wanted a donkey........until I saw Eddie!!!! OMG, what a gorgeous animal, you must be so proud.

I thought this little guy's markings were a lot like his mama's also, actually I was surprised by how much.
I wonder if his coloring will change as he gets older.
I think he is just precious.

Anna, I've been a little slow this week reading my blogs and just now found out about your new addition. How adorable! He really is CUTE. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Ida

What a sweet, sweet, SWEEEEET baby!!! And what a nice mommy Hillary is for letting people love all over him. I know if he was in my back yard, I couldn't go to work - I would be lovin' on him all day!!! Be still my heart!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo Jeanne in Idaho

It's a very good thing that we don't live close to each other, I would turn into the worst animal thief! I want to hold and cuddle Eddy..


I love all the pictures of baby Eddie---I wonder if he is just bonded to Alan from the rescue? I can't have a real baby donkey, I may have to find a stuffed animal--but they wouldn't be this cute.

Boy, they really do have a lot of the same markings! Incredible! Thanks for the great pictures, it's just so fun to see Hillary and Eddie!!!

I think I want to steal your baby donkey. Does that make me a bad person? ;)

OMG,I cannot get over how darn cute he is! And such a look alike of his momma! I LOVE the pics both here and the other ones you posted. My DD of 4 yrs loves them too... and so does my DS of 21 mon too. He's an animal lover like me!

Thanks so much for sharing. Though if you KEEP sharing, I'm going to want a pic of him for my home lol.

Bobbie :)

Awww! Now I want a donkey.

I have so love seeing all these photos of Eddie and Hillary! It must be an amazing time to get a new member into the family :). Eddie is the cutest ever!

Eddie is just too cute! And I love the name...does Senator Kennedy know about his namesake? I don't think you can ever take too many pictures of this precious baby and his doting mama! Thanks so much for sharing!


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