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Beautiful. AND lucky!

Oh, Anna! What a lovely tale about the donkeys and such cute pictures, too!

OMG! What a darling lil' family! Sweet pics!

Soooo cute!!! He is just darling! Congratulations!

How sweet! Baby is just adorable!! You're not naming it Chelsea, are you?!

Aaawwwwww!!! Congratulations on the new baby! She's soooo cute!!!! :)

Your picture if the Texas sunset is awesome. Your photography is always so beautiful.


What a great story. Thanks for sharing your farm stories. I live in the city, but my grandparents had a farm. We spent every summer there. Such sweet memories.

Great! One more grandchild, They all have 4 legs or feathers! but they never talk back or ask for money. Waa Hoo!


What a great story! I love reading about your farm family as I live in a typical suburb and am far removed from farm life. Thank you for sharing this story and pictures with us.


Hillary's baby is so sweet! I'm so glad that you found them and rescued the little one. Thanks for sharing Anna!!


what a precious memory to capture! I'm so glad y'all did what you did...love your pictures...

Awww, what a sweet baby (will her name be Chelsea? LOL!) AND yes, it was a gorgeous sunset last night!

So, so sweet. What a heartwarming story!

Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a cute little baby indeed!!

that is the sweetest little baby ever!! i am an animal lover and so envy you. we dont have the room to have animals other than our dogs. enjoy that little one! stacy

Wow, how scary was that! This little baby needs a nifty name that tells how lucky it is. Sooooo glad you found the baby in time.

What a sweet story..

I'm glad baby and mommy are safe... Enjoy your new addition to the farm!

The miracle of life...how perfect and innocent. Thanks so much for sharing this story and giving us a peek into your critter world.

I am so thankful you guys found Hillary and the baby in time. What a sweet story. I guess you are going to have another name to come up with. Can't wait to hear what it is. Love those pictures.....dark and blurry...they are still wonderful.

Totally precious!! The coloring on both mom and her baby is beautiful! I am so thankful you did all those things too, because otherwise we would have a sad story this morning! A new life is always good news!

Oh, what an absolutely adorable baby!

What an amazing story and what a cutie pie donkey!! Awwww Sooooo cute!

What a cutie! Can't wait to see more of the little one.

What a little sweetheart! Glad to hear mom and baby have been reunited and are doing OK!

HOW SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!! We just have Lois (aka Sir Sheffield Ba Donk a Donk) and he doesn't have the priviledge of having babies. You're so lucky!!!!

What a beautiful Mama and baby! The baby is truly adorable...how SWEET! So glad it all turned out OK...can't wait to see more pictures! LOVE your animals! I'm so jealous! ;)

Oh my...she is the most precious little thing!! I thought your little bunny was... but really Anna, Hillary's baby is right up there! Sigh... you are so lucky, I am so very, very envious right now... :)

there is nothing cuter than baby donkeys!

She looks so cute. I want to touch her......
Will the animals let you touch them??

Oh my GOSH- isn't that the CUTEST little donkey I have ever seen. I want him/her!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Anette (snowmom13)

OOOOO, she/he is SOOO cute. what a sweet little baby. How exciting AND scary all at the same time!

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