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Thank goodness Ribeye is not to be eaten ...he is adorable ! Love the animal pics almost as much as the cards....LOL D

Ribeye's coat looks so soft. I LOVE the farm pictures and updates. All the info you give on your pets is intriguing. Okay, going outside to pat the goats!

oh my.
i love it.
geat pic

Love the pics! That Turkey Hen is a cutie and having chicks for babes, even cuter! Usually we have the chickens raising the turkeys!

Well, did Ribeye make out or what! Polled is a life saver for sure! I know he will make you proud!

Thanks for the farm yard updates!

How funny - Mama Turkey looks a little confused, but I'm sure she loves her little "ugly duckling" after spending so much time hatching him...not that he's ugly, but it just reminds me of the story...he didn't match the rest of the brood...(or whatever you call a group of baby chicks). What about "Swanee" for that babe...wasn't the ugly duckling a swan?....How fun - and Ribeye looks beautiful - I would like to just kiss that soft furry face! JH in Idaho

Beautiful pictures Anna! Turkey's a good mama and Rib eye is growing up to be a real beauty!


Oh, the baby is SO cute!! My first thought was "PeeWee" but it will out grow that name in a short time. I just love the look on Ribeye's face - the drooling is priceless - cute little bugger! Thanks for the updates on the fur children, I love it! I've been missing them on the PAD! Have a great day :)

how cute!!!

So cute!! My boys & I watched my mom's filly jumping around on Sunday...they're just so much fun to watch!

A day in the life of Anna & Alan on the farm, how FUN would that be?!?! I wonder if I could do it??? Hmmm... Maybe I could just stand there and look cute while you two do all the work? LOLOL I love your farm animals, they are all so adorable. It actually makes me want to have my own farm. :)

Ribeye is just ADORABLE!! the drool, too funny. He has a pretty face, I take he got his name cause that's what he is going to be eventually?
Very pretty turkey too, I don't think I've seen one like that before, neat color. Too cute with the baby chick.

Priceless pic of Ribeye drooling for his treat. Concentrated alfalfa! Yummy! The baby chickie is so cute, too.

Maybe Turkey Manetta? How cute! The mom isn't as funny looking as most of the turkens! She has nice coloring, so that makes up for her neck! I think you should make them little bandanas for them! Ribeye looks much better in this photo. He looked mean before! Now he looks like a big ole' softy waiting for his treat! I love your farm and all the pics you share!

Oh my gosh, that is the funniest baby/Momma ever! Too cute! Thanks for the update on the critters...I just love hearing about them! I have lots of wild turkeys that come to our yard to eat every day...I even buy feed for them! I love watching them, it's just so fun...Ribeye is darling, I'm the original bovine lover..hehe...used to sing to the herd when I was a kid! LOL Yeah, I'm a bit crazy! ha Can't wait to see more pictures...thanks for those!!

Is it too early to tell if the baby is a boy or girl? Tom would be cute if it is a boy. Or what Churkey or Turken? Sorry, I couldn't help throwing in my two cents for it is worth. I think this is such a cool story though.

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