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I have always had girl bunnies-but usually boy doggies. and the cats end up being whichever digging their claws in my soul. Since I neuter them all, it doesnt matter after a while. Lollie is still a cutie. dont worry about it.

Well....you'll have to shorten Lollie's name to LOL!!!!! Ha....pretty funny....it happens to the best of us!!! JH in Idaho

Oh so funny Anna! As many have said it's easy to get mixed up like that. We once had a kitten we named "Rosebud" and when we took it to the vet he said, "What kind of a name is that for a Male kitten!"
As to the "loving" of the bunny ball my old dear departed cat Trouble, was IN LOVE with a stuffed toy dinosaur. When we buried him Dino was buried with him. Have a great day.

That is TOO funny!!! Little Lollie will turn into Big Ollie:) Cute pic, thanks for sharing.

You mean Lollie has a tallywhacker????? What in the world will Lollie's name be now? I love reading about Lollie "loving" it's bunny ball. My little 13 year old female poodle, Bailey, tries to hump both of our cats...! It doesn't go over very well. And yes.....I am sure she is a female. I think it is her way of trying to have dominance over something or someone in the house. She ways eight pounds and our big, whalebutt cat, Cassie ways 15 pounds. Ha...you should see that. And Chloe, is a small siamese with the attitude of a lion. Bailey doesn't get anywhere with her either. Animals are so much fun. Who needs TV?

Oh Anna, you aren't the first person I've heard about in this situation. Apparently it's quite difficult to determine the sex of a bunny when they are young. Fortunately I was able to when I got my two buns. I'm rather a male prone pet owner so thankfully they didn't mistake my boys when I got them. I would take the advice of one of your previous posters and get your bunny fixed though. The spraying is pretty nasty and they can become quite hormonal and bitchy for lack of a better word at the moment if you don't get their raging hormones taken care of. Enjoy every moment with Lolly it's so worth it. What I love most about one of my buns is the facial expressions. He's so jealous and can really cop up an attitude when he doesn't get the attention he thinks he deserves. It just cracks me up.

Thank you for the update on Lolly! Hmm . . . I guess his full name would be Lollygagger, right? LOL!

The thing about male bunnies is that unless they are fixed they not only get territorial (i.e. they "spray") but also amorous, and just like dogs they like legs (well, in their case more like ankles)! When our Stewie started exhibiting those behaviors we took him to get fixed right away and haven't had any issues since. Thank goodness for that, because he's an indoor bunny! If you're interested you can see a photo of Stewie in this post on my blog: http://stampwithdiane.blogspot.com/2007/08/meet-my-fur-child.html

good thing 'lollie' is kinda an asexual name!

OMG - that is too funny! Didn't you have the same thing happen w/ Fitz??? Or was it some other farm animal?
Good thing "determining animal gender" isn't your day job!
Have a great week...

so is Lollie's name changing?

Okay I have to laugh at this one. I have a bunny named Sugar that has been with us from birth and well, we had the same thing happen to us. Luckily we discovered it before he had an incestuous affair with his mother. All is well and they live happily in 2 separate hutches. I thought the mother was a male when we rescued her because well, lets just say she was ready to give birth the day we found her and her "parts" were a little pronounced LOL. Bunnies are notoriously difficult to tell apart without "Careful" examination.

All I can say is....LOL!!!

Did this happen with one other animal too? Maybe you could change his name to Lloyd or Larry?

Oh, I have been so worried that something happened to Lollie! I'm very happy to hear that HE is alive and well! I'm sure he's so much bigger, and handsome as ever. HUGS to big boy Lollie!!! :)

hehe, that's TOO funny!! We had a bunny boy once in an apartment. My husband picked him up from the snow in the city streets, poor thing. He was old when we got him and he had some wonderful years with us. He was SO MUCH boy, there was no mistaking that one ;)

You are tooooooo funny!!! TFS the update and giving me laughter.

How funny! Cute little thing, anyway. Now you need to get him a girlfriend .

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