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Oh my goodness - this really made me giggle! Love it Anna!

Another Texan here, and I can't wait for the days when the humidity goes down, and it's actually cool/cold in the morning when you get up and you can go running and it feels GREAT! Too bad we miss out on all of the fall colors though. I LOVE this card, by the way! ;) TFS

What an adorable card! I love the fall and I'm happy the season is finally here! :) ~Aileen

Ummmmmmm OK, I'm wondering what stamp company the bird is because I looked under "Judith Bird" and didn't find anything through google. I could just be really slow, but would love a helping hand :) thanks!

This little birdie is so cute, I just love him as the focal point of the card!

I am with you on this topic totally 100% all the way! I am new to Texas, this is my first summer, and we all did a happy dance yesterday knowing that Autumn had arrived...even if just on the calender! We are anxiously awaiting for the weather to calm down a bit in it's "heat intensity"!!!! I can't wait! Adorable card Anna! I love your work!

This is soooooooo Cute!

I am so happy to have fianlly been able to successfully subscribe to your blog; I couldn't do it with SAFARI. Now to go back to SCS to figure out Google Reader. :D

Such a great card for the change of the season. Same here, with it still being hot. Wish we had fall weather here in southeast Texas. I was inspired with fall arriving yesterday. I started my Halloween cards finally....lol

I love fall and this card is wonderful!

Great card, love the leaves on the kraft paper, nad you little bird is adorable.

You are so creative. The colours are beautiful. I like how you added all those leaves, and the branch. That little bird is the cutest.

This is so gorgeous, Anna! Now, I would never think of stamping the leaves before the branch. Happy Fall! :o) Linda

The only fall I get to see here in Florida is what I put on cards with my fall sets and what I enjoy viewing blogs and galleries. Our leaves fall off the trees in Feb and are just plain dead. We go from green to dead. Ugh!!!!! I love your leaves, branch and that darling birdy!

This is gorgeous. Love all the shading. Fall colors are my fav. The leaves are just starting to turn here in SE WI.

I have always believed we don't really have a fall here in Texas... it's more like "drop".. leaves go from green to brown- some yellow- and then just DROP from the trees.. lol!

great card- did you use a marker to shaddow under them.. you always think of the smallest detail to make the most impact :)

I sit here in shorts and a tank top in central FL at 8:30 in the a.m. and the A/C is on! Can't wait for the temps to catch up with the season, prolly sometime around Thanksgiving! LOL Maybe if I make some Fall cards, I'll cool off!

How cute! Love that birdie! We're supposed to break the record for heat today! Maybe tomorrow fall will come!

It isn't quite the same look here as Oregon or other states in the fall, but eventually, the leaves do turn & fall---the day before spring (HA), not really, a couple more months and it will be more "Fall-like"

What a great idea, to do multiple leaves, and draw in the branch! Love the card, it really is fall-like! I hope you get some cooler temps SOON...it will make it so much nicer! I miss the beautiful Fall trees that we got to see in CT...NE isn't exactly pretty in the Fall! LOL
Have a great week!

My sentiments exactly. Although I live in the desert SW and there is no change of season perse... I still like a fall-like day and today was one of those here. That's a really cute card. I might make one like it too. I've yet to stamp a fall card and it's my favorite of all time.

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