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You are so cute!!

Awesome scarecrow! You are so creative! I kinda reminds me of when my two cousins who were art majors won a radio station contest for Halloween. They called themselves, "The Celery Sisters" (they were actually sisters). Such cute stalks of celery!

What a great pic! Love the costume. Enjoyed reading a bit about you, but now you have to share that recipe for garlic and parmesan shrimp spinach salad! Purty pleeeeeeze! Missing your PAD, too.

What a great scarecrow. Don't you just love Halloween!

There was never a dull moment while you were growing up, a lovely blog!

Love the cutie-pie picture and the "inside info on Anna" :)

Very cute scarecrow. I am still trying to decide what I want to be this year. Good thing to read to get to know you better. You are super talented, and I love the farm fresh egg selling girl. I too was highly involved in Girl Scouts!! I have volunteered a lot in my life, and Girl Scouts was always so much fun!

Such a small world. I have been to La Grande - my aunt lives in Haines and we went out that way a few times. I think it is near Hot Lakes Hotel, have you ever been there?

We got to go inside one day and holy carp was that a spooky place. At the time they still had medical records of past patients strewn about from when it was a sanitorium - records going back to the 50s. I took some photos and took some records as a memento (also I planned to write an aticle about the hotel). I got in the car and we began to drive away, but something told me to go back and put the records back. Sadly I think everything was thrown away as trash, but I am still glad I put them back. My cousin who is a radiologist, did take (with permission) an old piece of medical equipment that was to be thrown away as trash. It was in the surgery room. It was just amazing that the hotel had survived so many reincarnations yet still had all that stuff going back to the late 1800s in its nooks and crannies.

What an adorable scarecrow you make, Anna!

You make a really cute scarecrow!!!! Love the doodling down your face! Interesting tidbits about you! I love creme brulee too! Just the thought of it makes me hungry for some really good stuff!

What a cute scarecrow. Thanks for sharing all those tidbits with us, perhaps you'll share the recipe for Parmesan-Garlic Spinach salad, sounds yummy. Happy Fall!

What a cute scarecrow you were!! I love how you drew the lines on your face..awesome! Fall is so much fun, with scarecrows and pumpkins and apples and......you know, just everything! And COOLER weather! YIPPEE!

Thanks Anna, you're so very sweet! I feel honored that you consider me a friend. You are a really sweet scarecrow.

Get out! I love the PBR and I'm looking forward to the finals next month! I hope Justin's shoulder is in good shape by then...

You are the cutest scarecrow I've ever seen!!

One of the places I've lived in was LaGrande - beautiful area!!

What an adorable little scarecrow you are!!

Oh... my husband and I are closet PBR watchers too! ;)

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