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FANTASTIC! Your coloring is out of this world spectacular! I love the kitty prints on the card background too. Nice touch!

You're going to have to send a policeman out to that barn and guard it until you catch her, lol. The card is WONDERFUL!! That cat does look as though it is in REALLY BIG trouble for sure. TFS.

This is really cute. And reminds me of a story... My cat Dickens used to watch me craft all the time, but never got "involved" in the process. I walked away from a tee shirt I was painting for someone for Christmas and... well yeah. You know the rest. Little green anonymous paw prints across the front, a kitty with mysteriously green tinged paws looking up at me with a 'what? what are you looking at?' expression on his indignant little face. I named him Dickens after the author. Guess he didn't know that tho'.

I think Penny Black makes *the* cutest animal stamps, IMO. Nice job!!

Adorable card...I just LOVE critters...(as long as they don't slither or have more than 4 legs)

(Your cat really did go wild didn't she...good luck catching the new additions.

Cute. Love the big paw prints.

Super cute card Anna. You do have a way with "animals". :-)

This is so funny and sweet! Love the cat with paint on his tummy! Greatcoloring! :o)

Adorable!! I LOVE how you added the paw prints on the card base too! Cute :)

Love the critter cards! I also seem to have a lot of animal stamps but I seldom use them, thanks for giving me inspiration to start. By the way, are the paw prints actual paw prints from one of your cats or an actual stamp?

Way cute! You sure have been cranking 'em out lately! I love it. The coloring is incredible. It really seperates the artist (you) from the *crafter* (me)...

OMG, This card is so sweet and it reminds me of our cat waffles. I just stumbled on to your blog and I'm so glad I did because its awsome, you've got some great work going on.

Love the card, and that stamp is adorable. Know what you mean about catching cats to have fixed, my neighbors and I did that for a few years and would try to find a home for the kittens, one of the adopted me and is a very happy neutered cat, living the good life.

I can't believe that I haven't been reading your blog until now. Your cards are soooo amazing! I love it that they simple, but they are so perfect. Your coloring is so amazing!!

this is ADORABLE!! I hope you catch the kitties, that's awesome what you're doing for them. I love animals too!

What an adorable card! Reminds me of my kitties! They love getting in trouble--any kind!

This is SO CUTE!!! Love the kitty, (and hope you can tame the kittens...they can be awfully hard to get ahold of!) Those paw prints on the card are adorable...love them!

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