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ADORABLE card!! It represents "fun" to me. I hope you have heard from you parents by NOW...it's Sept. 9th.????? Yea, I'm really, really behind in my blog reading. TFS.

Your card is adorable! Hope you've heard from your parents by now! Are they safe and sound?! :)

Darling card.

Holy cow...that is just soooo cute! Hope you parents turn up safe and sound!!! :)

What a cute card. I loved the trailers for the Sisters on the Fly. They are so cute and thank you for sharing with us. Hope you find your parents.

Uh Oh Mom and Dad and in TRUBBLE!! LOL

Fab card and great memories

This is a super cool card!! Lovin the green canoe.

Oh, I love this Anna!

Sure hope your Mom and Dad are having a fun and fabulous time...it is always nice to just "disappear" for awhile!

I hope your parents are safe and sound and some place fun! I also hope you hear from them soon.

I love that cute card!

the fly sister's trailers are a blast. What fun to decorate them it must be. Ever since my parents got a little camper, they do the same thing..even skipping town on my brother's birthday--which they got in a LOT of trouble for. (ha) Hoping they're fine, but they will need a stern talking to--always worries one when they don't answer, don't tell us when they are going doesn't it.

SO cute! Love the sentiment and image together!

Awesome! Your card makes me want to go on vacation :)

This card is TOO CUTE! I love everything about it! What fun images!!!

I am sure your Mom & Dad are fine but doesn't it make you crazy when they don't check in.....we of course would never do that. LOL Cute card & love the Obi-Wan 1954(sister 12) Love the boot! Also your arrow book is adorable.

Anna, your parents need a good spanking!! LOL! I love your card and those trailors are a hoot! VINTAGE trailers.....we would call those *pieces of junk* but now I have a whole new view of them. I want one of those shiny silver bullet ones!! My sister would absolutely DIE if we showed up at her beautiful new Colorado home with one of those! I want to get one, paint it up and just plunk down in her front yard!!! Ack, I'm just cackling thinking about it!

Isn't it funny how parents can do whatever, but as the kid if you went for DAYS without contact, they'd be camped out on your doorstep in no time and it wouldn't be a fun time. Adorable card!!

This is such a cute card! I still don't own any Amuse stamps....You are starting to break me : )

What a great story, and perfect card! It's just adorable...and I hope your parents are safe and sound!!! Don't you just hate it when they sneak off without letting anyone know??!!

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