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how do I receive automatic emails from your blog?

Ohhh, I love your cards, but love your story of Alan getting them for you, even more. I just had to tell you how it really made me happy for you and thank you for sharing your lovely surprise with us!

Awwww...that is SO sweet!!!! You really ARE a lucky girl (and the cards are gorgeous)!

Anna, what a sweet man you have. Great story, gorgeous cards.

Yup, I'd say "he's a keeper"!!! I am sure you have found a way to "re-pay" him. hehehe;)

What a FABULOUS DH you have, sooooo thoughtful!!!


Wow! Big smooches and hugs to Alan from all of us (on your behalf, of course)! That's pretty darn cool! Now you have a well rounded western collection. I'm glad you finally got a set you've been wanting. These cards are absolutely gorgeous!

Well this Alan character seems like a keeper to me too -- I know others have commented already.... What a clever fellow! :) Perhaps he could offer classes! :)

Awe, I just love a story like this! Alan, you are so thoughtful--you, sir, are a keeper! Anna, some of us womens be vewy *jealous*--and not about the rubbah, kiddo! chuckle!

You are a lucky girl. I have this set and never thought of watercoloring it. I get such good ideas from you. The card is Fantastic. I love it.

What a sweetheart Alan is! Beautiful cards Anna..Your coloring is perfect for these western cards!! TFS chris

OMG!!!! WOW!!!!! That's soooo cool that Alan did that for you!! You ARE the luckiest!! These cards are just FABULOUS!!!!! I LOOOOVE that too but sadly do not own it! WAHOO ANNA! :D

So cute! My husband actually did something very similar just a few weeks ago! He knew I really wanted a set that I'd been watching on ebay, so he woke up at 6 am to bid on it and WON it for me! :) We are lucky women, eh? :) Congrats to you!

True LOVE I'd say....Thanks for sharing the story and of course the cards!! What a guy! and what a lucky girl!

Anna, don't let him get away! :)

You need to keep a close eye on Alan, 'cause I have a feeling someone will try to snatch him up...LOL. What a sweet thing to do! And your cards are gorgeous as always!

Just found you. Love your watercolor shading - beautiful! And such a kind-hearted husband. God bless you both!

Your coloring is absolutely astonishing. I love your creative talent. Keep those cards posted !!

That's absolutely WONDERFUL! How sweet of him!

Wow, you are such a lucky girl! If my DH bought a stamp set for me I think I'd pass out! *is serious*

Your artwork is beautiful as always, thank you for sharing your talent with us!

What a great guy! And what super cards! Love them both.

How exciting & "romantic" too that Alan surprised you with this stamp set. Your card are truly gorgeous. I love Western themed cards & wish SU had more sets like this one & the retired (Wild Wild West) which I happen to still own. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and fabulous cards. Ida

Love what you have done with this retired SU set, WOW! Nice to meet you and find your blog! Stop by and visit me soon! Deb

Must be something about Alans and Texas. I have a wonderful Alan, too and in Texas! I wish I had seen these cards before the mail went out Sat. You'll see what I mean shortly.

What a great story! You have a real keeper guy there!!! It's great to know that a guy can be so thoughtful! :)

Love your dreamcatcher cards!! They are gorgeous!! What a sweetheart you have in Alan!!

Now THAT is a guy who listens...what a keeper! (Tell him we all love him for being so sweet to you!)

The stamp set is gorgeous and you have done it justice by making such stunning cards...WOW!

Lucky Girl

Lucky you!! These are beautiful! :0)

I... you... what... *???*

This one had me doing a total double take.

The suprise gift was apparently two-fold. The actual stamp set was half of it.

The paragraph that got me (I mean got me as in "you had me at hello" got me) was this one

**Later that night, Alan was showing me links to various stamp sets he found listed on eBay that he thought I might like.**

I... you... who the... whaaa....

WOW. For me, that's the true gift. You're on his mind and in his heart. Great effort (Here's something I saw and thought of you) and fab-u follow through (I think you need to have what makes you happy). You've gotta love that in a guy. Really. Love. That. Lucky lucky you.

What a wonderful card. How sweet of your husband. Again, another story that tickled my funny bone. TFS.

Wow - beautiful cards and what an amazing, thoughtful husband you have! Thanks for sharing!

You lucky girl - what a guy! Fabulous cards. Of course, in my hands, they would fall far short of beautiful.

Oh my, you ARE one lucky, lucky girl! I can't believe he actually KNEW to get it. Wowza. Hope you gave him lots of extra kisses. Shoot, you should give him one from every jealous stamper out here! :)

These cards are beautiful, think Alan is a keeper, that was so sweet of him.

Oh my, that Alan REALLY IS a keeper! You lucky girl! Gosh, that actually brings a tear to my eye, it must be love, truly. Do you think Alan could give my Robert a call and give him a few tips? It would be greatly appreciated!! :) My number is 623*877*5___


Wow, Alan sure is a keeper! Those cards are stunning! I've always wanted that set, too, but it was just too 'spensive. I got a friend to do me some images of the dream catcher, but I might have to get her to do me some of the others, too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cards from this set. Your cowboy with his saddle on his shoulder was one of the first of your cards that got my attention and you've had it ever since!

What amazing and gorgeous cards you've made! I can't wait to see more. Love this style of stamps - wish SU made more of this type. Your Alan sounds so thoughtful and sweet and loving.... :)

Anna that is great!! It is so nice to have our significant others be so thoughtful!!
Mine is an encourager of my habit also. I guess we are just plain lucky. Your cards are absolutely beautiful (as always).

What a super surprise!!! Alan's a real keeper! Beautiful cards by the way!

Anna, these are wonderful cards and I love your husband. I am so happy you got your set and I know the feeling of wanting a retired set.

Supportive stamp husbands are the best! I have one too. =) So glad you got the set!

I had tears in my eyes Anna! First, for the beautiful cards you made with this set and secondly, having such a wonderful guy! KUDOS....and I'm SOOOO glad this set went to a well-deserved talented person. =)

Wowie zowie!!! You are a lucky girl (and talented too :)

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