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Brilliant!!! I don't know WHY you buy stamps!!

GORGEOUS!! I just plain love your work!!!!! TFS.

I like yours better, too!

I Love your cherries. Your bowl has so much more character. Can we expect to see this in the near future?

WOW! Your bowl of cherries are really wonderful! I like yours more than the HA one!
I bet you could sit and draw stamp designs all day long - you are soooooo talented! :o)

Anna, your drawing is definitely better than the other version. I would love to have yours in my stamp collection. We're all looking forward to seeing this design soon *wink*. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

`OMG - This rocks!

Yum-a-licious! I love your version of the bowl of cherries! I'm having cherries tonight--in my appletini! *grin*

I like your version WAAYYY better! I get a tummyache just thinking about chocolate covered cherries...had one too many during christmas one year...ahhh good times. ~Aileen

I am always amazed when you just draw something yourself and it looks 1000 times better than the original. Your image is much more appealing. Keep 'em coming.

I like yours better.
Love the colors.
Thanks for sharing.

Someone call Hero Arts! They need to update their stamp w/this Anna original! Love it!

WOW! I wish I could draw like that. You should have your version made into a stamp! I love it.

STOP SHOWING OFF! LOL! I'm getting pretty sick of all this talent... ;-) I agree with everyone that yours is nicer. I like how the cherries fall out of the bowl. It really adds a lot to the image.

Way more interesting than the inspiration. I love the way you use color, Anna. It's always a struggle for me, and you make it look effortless. TFYGBS! (thanks for your generous blog sharing!)

Oh I like yours better too. Super cute and I agree about the chocolate covered cherries, YUCK!

Love your drawing Anna. It would certainly make a cute stamp, now.. what could you do with strawberries, I really need one of those..

I like your rendition better, too. Nicely done.

I like yours better! Much more character and I love the cherries making a break for it. :-) Good idea for your next WS stamps.
Have a super weekend! M

only you Anna...you got some raw talent!! your bowl of cherries is BEST!

Oh, Anna - yours is SO much better....I love it. I have a Mary Englebright stamp that says "Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies!"

I wish I had even a quarter of your drawing skills...but alas, I will have to stick with the stamps.

Chocolate covered cherries are the BEST! One year when I was little, I went through the whole box of Christmas ones (we always got one box for the whole family..) and I punched a hole in the bottom of each candy with a straw and sucked out all the creamy, juicy filling and then put the chocolate shell back in the box. I got into BIG trouble for that one...(but I would do it again in a sec!

You are unbelieveable! Love it!

love it a ton better. so cute!

ok - I can't draw but you just inspired me to try creating a bowl of cherries w/my die cuts. I have cherry dies from every company and I could make a bowl out of circles and strips...oh, to bad I have company coming!
Yep, your cherries are the best! My growing up years, we had a cherry tree in the back yard...my mom made/created the best cherry pies! She never did anything crafty, but she could sure "do" pies! lol

LOVE your cherries way much better! How's that for speaking English well? LOL! I love chocolate covered cherries, but can't have more than one. That ooey goo. . .yum!

I LOVE your bowl of cherries! Much better than the Hero one actually.


Yup, I like yours WAY better too! WOW Anna, incredible! You are just so talented!!! :D

Oh, I LOVE your bowl of cherries much more!! I'm with the rest of the gals here... PLEASE make it stamp!! I'd buy it in a second!

Oh my gosh....I can't believe your stamp hasn't arrived yet!

I like your bowl of cherries WAY better! :-)

Well of course your drawing is much better than the stamp. I've never been a fan of the taste of cherries, but I love their coloring and their visual interest. You are by far the most talented person I know. You can do it all! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing your art.

I like your drawing better than the stamp! So cute!! :)

Cute drawing! I love cherries too. My hometown in Michigan is the largest exporter of sour cherries. However, we do grow sweet ones too & they are just YUMS! I don't think I've ever had a chocolate covered fresh cherry, but a dried one - yes and they are DELICIOUS! You can't eat too many though - too rich! Thanks for sharing your drawing!!!

I agree....yours is better! Way cuter!

Must say you is much nicer, love the cherries outside the bowl, great look

I have that Hero Arts cherry stamp.....but your drawing and coloring of the cherries is absolutely awesome. Add this to your list of new stamps to create. Please...cherries with sugar on top.

super cute! and I want yours to be just as big as the picture here! :) thanks! (demanding little thing ain't I? LOL)

oooohhhh do i see a stamp in the future? if we smile, bat our eyelashes, fold our hands and sweetly say PLEEEEZE?!
pretty! pretty! pretty!
i would like 1/8th of your talent girlfriend!

You are absolutely right. Your cherries are better and chocolate and cherries are too much!

Yours is waaaaaaay better! Life is just a chair of bowlies!

Yours is better looking, no doubt! The coloring is fantastic -can we expect that image to be a stamp soon?

I like yours better, Anna. The cherries that have fallen out of the bowl add so much more interest.

HHHMMmmmmm yummy!! they look great!!!


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