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ackkkkk!!! I absolutely adore this Anna!!! Darling!

ADORABLE, that face is so precious! Yes, fall and winter need to come right now! TFS.

Oh my! I absolutely love this stamp! It's awesome!! Love this card too! And you're right, there is never too much sparkle on winter cards!

Wintery Sweet & Cute...and no you can never have to much "sparkle" on a winter card. Ida

I'm very partial to snowmen...
Love your card...so cold and chilly
and the sparkle is perfect !
You have a great blog..Thanks for sharing
your beautiful work.


oooh Anna, you are simply the best, I so enjoy ALL your cards, but you've really hooked me with your animal photography. Thank you sooo much for sharing!

When I saw this card, I quickly scanned to see who made it. Too funny, W.S., and you made it. How silly of me; I should have known. I love it, I love it. Totally cute. I'm definately buying this one!

You make wonderful cards, and how cute the snowman one the last card was.

I just got this little snow man in the mail. Isn't he just too adorable. Already entered it in a swap. Great stamp. Wish it were drier here in Illinois. Have a great weekend.

Love this one, Anna!! I will gladly trade weather with ya...I am so not ready for fall!! It has been about 15(thats about 59 for you in the US) here in Calgary today :0(

Absolutely adorable card! I am dreaming of dry weather! In Chicago...rain, rain, and MORE rain! PRetty soon we are all going to need boats! LOL!

What a fun stamp...very cute! I love snowman anything :) The background paper is very pretty too. There is no such thing as too much sparkle!

It's wonderful! I like the non-traditionalness (I think I just made up that word. tee hee) of it.

Boy, I'm with you on the dreams for cooler weather! It's been sweltering in NE, and I can't wait for FALL!! It can't come a day too soon...then snow! I love the snow...
Your card is precious, love that snowman! He's too cute...

I've enjoyed looking at and reading all your recent posts, Anna. The cards are all your sweet and sassy top notch quality. I especially love the apple tree! This one made me smile immediately. Love the sparkle!

OMG!!!! I love this stamp! He is the cutest snowman. My fav without a doubt.

This is so darn cute! You are so talented!

Adorable! The more sparkley the snowman the cuter they are!

Oh my word this is just the cutest card!! Well done!

I've been so busy lately, but I'mmm back! Scary huh! I love your primitive snowman! Weather here in the southeast is almost unbearable, upper 90's, low 100's most days for three weeks! Gag! May have to go back home up north and visit family!

Uhh! How cute is that!?! I love the design and how you added color. Nope! You can NEVER have too much glitter!

Ohhh that's just too sweet! Reminds me of the finches that were nisting in one of my flowerpots (with flower) this summer :)
Sparkle is always good :)

Adorable! Love your chicken with the bowl, too. May have to add some Anna Wight Designs to my vast stamp collection. It's real warm way up in the middle of the mitten, too, so thanks for keeping us cool with frosty cards.

Haven't been able to check in lately. So glad your home safe and sound and that you had a fab. vacation. Love this card, ( love all of your cards) but especially the wintery ones. Love snowmen. Especially w/ that primitive look. Thanks again for your inspriation.

What a sweet card, love it! Unfortunately the warm weather has left us and it is down right chilly here.

Totally adorable! I love that stamp!

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