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WONDERFUL card, Anna!! It's fun, elegant, and light, which I think is a difficult thing to pull off. Great job, TFS.

very precious and wonderful
greetings from germany

Now that's dedicated to keep us updated and give us some eye candy while you're on vacation! Great cards. I love the flourishes on this card and the flower you drew in the donkey's mouth on the previous post. Thanks for sharing.

Love your card. =0)

Beautiful card. Love the color. It's so cute!!!

Great card! I love the apple stamp!

We always said "Baltimore" too, but I never figured out why - doesn't make any sense. :) Love your vibrant colors! May just have to make a red card today...after I finish the card I started yesterday and find my desk again......!


Before I pressed 'Post' on this comment, I re-read the ones listed and noticed a 'Tracey' had already said the EXACT thing I was going to post! hehe. 'Tracys' must be good at remembering. ;)

Thanks for the reminder to the chip and dale/donald duck cartoon! I love this apple stamp.......it's going on my list!
Great card~

I love this line form the Donald duck cartoon. My husband and I say it ALL the time to our daughter. Great card!

How appropriate Anna! Apple season is just around the corner lurking! Love the vibrance of your color choices, not to mention your colorations technique!

Anne :)

You're thinking of the Disney version. There's a cartoon with Donald and Chip and Dale. After "Who's your friend?" Donald would think and say "Me!" Then Chip and/or Dale would throw the apple core at him.

That's probably the only cartoon story line I kind of remember! Have a good day and enjoy the rest of your trip. I'm visiting "home" soon, so I know your excitement!


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