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Hey there Anna! I love the doll!! I was thinking though - that she looks so cute just like she is. No hair - no mouth. She reminds me of a Sesame Street character! You are amazing girl!!

WOW! Does this bring back memories!! When I was first married I did several craft shows and had my "time-worn" dolls and items in 11 consignment stores at one time. That was BK (before kids Ü). I miss making dolls, but with 2 boys and 3 nephews, they just don't appreciate them. Ü I used a pattern to begin with though and then went from there to make them my "own". I can't wait to see what you come up with for the hair. I should take a picture of one of my favorite dolls and put it on my blog. I love raggedy ann's and made LOTS! Thank goodness I have ONE to show for! LOL!!

Totally awesome!!!!!!

You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! And, yes, she is really cute. I only sew with a pattern, I made a few dolls for some of my friends and family about four years ago, it was so much fun. I loved mixing up the apron and dress fabrics. You are a certified seamstress among all your other talents. You go girl!! TFS.

awesome. very very neat. pantaloons would be awesome as well as lace and all. Busy girl!! can you fix my hair, smile & nose too?

i want a chicken friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderfully Adorable so far, can't wait to see her finished. Wish I had your talent!

She is just PERFECT, Anna!


I love her! I've been dabbling in softies too. Her eyes are great! (And the crooked nose is charming.)

Love love love!

Well, I meant to write - talented - in my previous posting. (My clumsy fingers...)

WOW! You're so taslented!
Your doll is the cutest - she looks a bit shocked that you took her picture before she got her hair on! *LOL* ;o)

She IS incredibly pretty!! AND a beautiful site to see on a Monday morning! Gifted girl!(you...not the doll...)

Wow, there is no end to your talent! I'll take what's in your little finger if you care to share, lol. Annie is just adorable and I can't wait to see Annie and her little friend (Manetta?).

Absolutely adorable! I love her just the way she is!!

Yes, she is very cute! And, doesn't every Annie need a chicken friend? Or two...! ;)

You are amazing and so creative. I love that you painted her shoes on...never would have thought of that. She's adorable.

Fantastic job, Anna, especially without a pattern! Your talents seem to be endless! I can't wait to see what she looks like with her mouth and hair. Right now she kinda reminds me of one of the Simpsons!!! Ha!!!

Oh my goodness, she is the cutest!! Even without the hair and smile!! LOLOL

She is adorable! Can't wait to see her finished! You certainly are talented!!

AWESOME! Your Annie baby is just precious! And she MUST have a chicken, or a kitty to love! You are just so talented, the creativity just oozes out of you! How fun that must be! Have a great week :)

Oh My Gosh! This is too cute! I LOVE primitives too... and I've always had a love for Annies. I can't believe you didn't have a pattern and it looks this good (no hair and all!)

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