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I've never even heard of a turken, but these sure are funny little ones. Love the names.

Thanks for keeping it G rated both my daughters (age 10 & 3) like to keep up with what's going on at your place- heehee! They are BIG time animal lovers and would have a farm within in the confines of our privacy fence if not for the city ordinance. Thank-you for the family time that you provide for us (I love the cards AND your e-bay store.)

LMBO!! They are just too cute (so ugly they're cute??) and I adore the names!!

Haaaaahahahahahaha! Love the names.


They are just darling! I like their little faces and I love the names you gave them - made me laugh out loud!!!

Send Molay to me please! He's so ugly he's cute! I like his unusal coloring and what great pictures! Thanks a bunch Anna!


I love all the pictures of your life on the farm! And the names you give all the new little critters just crack me up!! Congratulations, yet again!!

Anna, I just love all the clever names you come up with for your farm animals. How ever do you keep track of them all! Ida

They are tiny. Glad you're keeping your husband on the straight and narrow path! Cute names. My daughter just got a new parakeet and named him Orlando, but my son calls him Bloom.

Bwahahaha -- love the names, I say that all the time "Holy Moly"!!

Anna...I have to say that these little guys are kinda ugly. Okay...so ugly they're cute, right? I love your ongoing narrative about farm creatures! Especially that little Lolly bunny...so so cute! I'm trying to catch up on my blogs and way behind. Anyhoo...love seeing what you've been working on lately. Have you changed your mind about CHA?

How funny. Cute little chicks. You must be proud! (haha)

Hahaha! Too funny....love the names & they are some cute chicks!

Oh my gosh, these pictures made me seriously LOL!! My boys came down to see what I was laughing about ~~ they are sooooo adorable!!! And the names ~~ you are the BEST at naming animals, lol!!

These are the cutest ever! I love their names! I love their naked necks too! Thanks for sharing!

Great chicks, though they have the kind of mouth that when they aren't smiling (and the can smile can't they???) they look mad lol.

You hubby has photogenic hands. I know that sounds corny, but I am a noticer of hands so to speak. Size and condition... yes I have issues... lucky for everyone else I don't get out much! hehehe

Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie *Ü*

Yea! More turkens........ Truly a face only a mother, or a namesake, could love! Just wait until they get full feathered and start strutting around that barn yard! Thanks for the photos!

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