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Very good idea! Simply and nicely done!

Beautiful. I love it.

Very good interpretation of this weeks theme! Great job! Love the string wrapped around the line.

I want one as an atc! lol My sister in law was in town for Father's Day and she'd purchased a mylar balloon for her dad and put it in the trunk of her car.
We both had our hands full and she popped the trunk and out the balloon came and gone forever!
I bet it was funny, the look on our faces!

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Just love your site and love the coloring of your balloon!

I really love it! wonderful job!

I absolutely love your illustration and your interpretation of the theme! :)

So simple and beautiful, really love this.

I love it. What a great take on the theme. Everyone can relate to that. It may seem simple but I think it says so much.

You just rock. Simple, and brilliant.

How sad really that this is ultimately the demise of most balloons. I guess most are lucky if they make it past the power lines and into the free and clear, into the heavens. Cute illustration. Very simple and yet it makes it's point.

Simple and lovely, great highlight!

SO simple..yet so lovely!

Very nice!

You have such an imagination and talent! When are you going to give watercoloring lessons?!? :)

Anna, this is very nice.

Anna, have you ever done a watercoloring tutorial? I love this!

Simple and nice, I really like it. :)

This is so wonderful and light....I love it :).

May be simple...but I love it!

The coloring on this card is just amazing -- love all the shading on the balloon and the slight outline of blue sky. It's perfect!

I love this ! It is so delicate.

I like it! I love your watercoloring. :)

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