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The kids and I love following your farm adventures. Living in the suburbs we don't get much exposure to these various animals and their habits. Great educational experience for all of us. And great pictures.

I love your sketch!! Thanks for all the wonderful information about hens and turkens, I find it very educational. TFS.

Will the real surrogate mother please stand up??? Ha! Too funny!! And other birds simply shove someone else's eggs out of the nest and lay their own (i.e. cuckoo birds). That is so sweet that they share the responsibility - I guess they love the stepchildren! JH in Idaho

Hurray!! Another chick...how awesome. Hope you get some more from the other laying hen! Congratulations, farm Mom! :)

Interesting! I often wondered about eggs and how you know which ones to pick and which ones will hatch!

That is so interesting. I would have never thought that a hen would sit on another's eggs to hatch. Who would have thunk it???
Thanks for sharing..Chris

Not "obbession"...good grief. I meant obsession. Oh well, just want to make sure that people know that I can spell.

Thanks for the chicken lesson. Who would have thought that my stamping obbession would teach me something about chickens? Learn something new every day...

OK, this may be totally stupid but how do you have two different kind of babies from the same Mom? The logical answer is, of course, two different dads but I'm not sure I'm following.....how exciting to have new babies around all the time on the farm!!

Totally a City Girl,

I have got to get down there to see my 'kids'! Even when tiny, they are adorable! I can still see the first image you posted of your turkens.... there she was -- strutting across the yard like she owned the place! Super model to the second power! Take good care of my little ones! Keep us updated! Love, the 'original' Manetta

Where's that skinny hairless neck? This is a cute little chicken!

That is just the cutest thing ever!

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