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I almost like them better like this and I think that's what I'll probably try first. Maybe I'm chicken. I don't have any TK in my house because, although I'd love to live in those pictures, they're just a little too "fairy tale" for my decor (if you can call what I have a decor). The images and colors do take my breath away, though. They look incredibly realistic when done monochromatic. It shows off TK's skill as an artist more, I think. Anyway, the stamps are sitting on my table right now. I ordered them a few minutes after their release! You did some incredible work with them!

STUNNING!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love the stamp, colors, all the western detail...LOVE IT!!!

WOW! This is awesome and it's my favorite of all the new TK stamps. I want to live there, too. Thanks for showing what can be done without coloring the images. Think it will help sell the line as many stampers are intimidated by the idea of trying to color them. And I can't wait to see what you've created for Whipper Snapper. Happy stamping!

wonderful card!

I think these stamps lend themselves to the monochromatic -- I've seen some beautiful things with these stamps and I'd feel no compulsion to color them! I'm thinking about using one for Christmas this year. We'll see. Thanks for sharing your recipe in the link too!


Great card, love the color theme and layout.

This was definitely a favorite of mine of the examples in the gallery. Love the western/cowboy look. I think they look awesome stamped in a one color way too. The paper choices bring it all together with the leather and button. I'm still trying to figure out how you get all this done in a 24 hour day.

Very very nice card. I think this one is one of my favorites of anyone that I have seen work with these stamps. I am having a hard time deciding on which ones to buy. By the way, do you accept any other payment than paypal? I still want the coffee and tea stamps that you have. Thanks!

This one is my favorite of all of yours, Anna! I think it's absolute perfection. And that's all I have to say about that :)

Love this Anna! Love the western look of it! I like both you've done without all the coloring! They are just as beautiful and something a novice could attempt!

I think TK would love it.

Oh my goodness...I saw their site and just went gaga over their stamps and all your wonderful cards in the gallery. I'm so in love with his art and really want the stamps, but I'm soo scared that I won't get them to look right :( You do them justice though. This is soo gorgeous!!

I have that framed print hanging in my house!!! I love what you did with the monochromatic coloring...awesome! Most of us will NEVER be able to color like the "pros", but I WILL use them with a nice ink like this! BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much for comforting us not so talented ones!!! :)

This is stunning! I love the tone-on-tone effect of this stamp, probably better than I'd like the colored version.

This is my absolute favorite image in the lot and what you've done with it is amazing. It's the one I think I'll order...I'd like to live there, too!

I love this card!!! I wanted to see what the stamps looked like with one color and your card is the 1st one I could find. Thanks Anna! Stunning.

Your work with these stamps is simply stunning, as is ALL the work by the design team. Outstanding job.

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