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Uh Oh!! I knew you were just looking for trouble to get into when you looked in that basket, smile. I don't see how in the world anyone could have left her there...I'm so weak and like you would not have left her behind, LOL & TFS.

Anna, you and I are both weak! That little bunny would have come home with us too! Luckily for me my dh is a lot like Alan when it comes to critters! I guess that's why we have 8 furkids but we don't live on a farm like you guys! What a cutie, I kind of like the name Snuggles since she snuggled up to you right away! But then what critter wouldn't? It's gonna be such fun to watch her grow up through your photos!

I like the names already suggested: Marble, Allie (for Alan) and Annabelle. However, I think you first showed her picture on your blog her name should be Sassy. I don't know if that fits her personality, but she was sassy enough to get you to hold her and catch you hook, line and sinker! Maybe you should call her "bobber" for catching your eye! : )

I'm with you Anna!!! Just WEAK!! Fuzzy bunnies are the most lovely, docile creatures!! We have had several since Emileigh was little but my favourite name was for our first one. Remember the song "Little Bunny Foofoo"?? Yep, that was her name, Foofoo and when we got a second one, her name was Fifi!! A few years later we also had Bert and Ernie. Have fun with the little sweetheart!!!

Oh, what a little cutie pie. My sister had a pet rabbit when we were young, and we loved her. Her name was Scarlett (yes, after Miss O'Hara - my sister was a GWTW freak at age 7). Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new little friend as much as we enjoyed Scarlett.

I couldn't have resisted her, either, especially if she was all by herself.

How about CT for Closing Time

OOOPs, I accidentally dropped the A off the back of your name. Sorry, I really do know that your name is Anna, GRIN!

Hi Ann,
I already responded but my eight year old son asked if he could submit a name for the baby bunny, so when I asked him what he would like to see her named he replied, Fluffy. Have a great day!

Excrutiatingly cute! You're killing me!

Please, not a sissy name! How about... that girl with the killer yoyo in Kill Bill? Gogo Yubari? "Gogo" is cute AND empowered! ;)

When I was a little girl I had a bunny and named it Nibbles. I thought that was such a cute name. We usually just called her Nibby though. So cute

He needs to be named "snuggle bunny" - that's what we call my kids when they let me snuggle them. :) Now I want a bunny....

I immediately thought of Pippin for a name!! What a cutie!

What a precious little face! You are a real sucker like me especially when she was all alone! No names come to mind at the moment!

I need to go to the HUmane SOciety and see what they have . My little ark is getting lonely since Clancy and Bailee are gone. You pushed me over the edge.

Awwwwwww...so tiny and adorable! Harriet? I'd probably give her a homely name like that. We have a cat named Marvin.

Hi Anna. Is this a wild rabbit or a domesticated one? I'm an owner of two house bunnies and you just can't go wrong with pet bunnies. They can be so fun, loving etc.. but require a lot of care. I didn't realize the medical issues they can have, but have since learned a lot from some Yahoo groups on bunnies. I didn't know when I got them that they would need to be neutered/spayed and that they can have severe digestive issues etc... They must be neutered/spayed for both health and hormonal reasons and believe me you'll be glad you did this. My little guys are named Bunny Foo Foo and Beau Bunny. They are both Lionheads and my pride and joy. They share a condo that I built out of NIC cubes. I had them bonded for a couple of months, but one night they broke their bond and got into a terrible fight. My poor Beau looked like he was on his way to the Rainbow Bridge for sure, but I was able to nurse him back and now their condo has a divider and they must take turns for play time outside the cage.

Sure hope you enjoy your new little one and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Gail Binette - Stamper Gail
Somebunny From Maine

Patches. Not that you asked for our help, but I think Patches is the perfect name.
What a lucky bunny!

So sweet! So precious! Who can no to such a cutie! I say you are both lucky to have each other! I would name the bunny LUCKY because that sweet bunny was all alone and so lucky that you and Alan took it home. Thanks for sharing her!

Aaaaawwww!!! Alan rocks!! :) Congrats on your new addition!

I love non-name names - I think you should call her Carrots ;)

I went to post my own little bunny story and WOW! 40 folks have already posted theirs!

I had bunnies growing up ... several dutch (the black and white ones) and a very very large english hare!

Its just a darn good thing you were there to take her home! LOL! Good for you :-)


How about Harriet for Harriet TUBman-get it you found her in a tub. haha

She is so adorable! What do you think of Lila? Maybe Lily or Tulip...I'm on a flower theme for some reason :).

Did you ever see "Con Air" with Nic Cage? One of my all time favorite movie quotes is "Put the bunny back in the box." Good thing Alan hasn't seen "Con Air!" LOL

How about "Whisper"? She's adorable.


Oh my, she is just adorable!! Good for Alan for letting you be so weak! She would have been so lonely had you left her there. :) Now, she has a wonderful, loving home with all kinds of brothers & sisters!! YEAH!!

Oh golly, it's SO cute! I think you should fatten it up and name it Tubby....since you found it in the tub!! LOL! My girls would love a bunny.

By the way Anna, DH killed a 24" rattle snake the other night in the driveway. We think there's a nest or something cuz we always have them in the same spot....right where the kids cut through the yard on their bikes!!!! Niiiice!

I think "Sweet Cheeks" is adorable!! I swear that any and all injured or homeless animals find my house...and I live nowhere near a farm. But I am a total 'marshmallow' when it comes to any animal.

Adorable little bit of a bunny. I think her name should be Penelope....don't ask me why...I just thought she looked like one.

Congrats Anna and Alan! The baby is adorable! In reading your post you said "there was one itty bitty little bunny." I think you should name the bunny "Itty Bitty" for some reason that is what struck my fancy. No matter what you name it, I know it will have a good home.

Well, what a sweeeeeeet bunny - of course, her/his name should be "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" like the children's song. We have had several bunnies named that. And every time I see one, anywhere, even in the wild, it's name is LBFF. You could call it "Bun" for short. Congrats on the new baby - again! xoxoxoxo from Idaho

I *love* bunnies, especially fluffy baby bunnies. happy sigh. . .

I'm melting...what a precious picture! When my son was 2 we had a bunny...he named it "Bart the Bunny".

oh...my....god... now i want a bunny.... :)

that is the cutest darn thing. i see that annabelle has some votes, but the first name that popped in my head was Marybelle. or ...hmm.... marvybell. if it's a boy. :) LOL!

I agree with Chris -- Annabelle is perfect! What a cutie.... look at those curly wiskers. Enjoy your new little one but keep her safe from those barn cats! :-)

Is she not the cutest thing ever!! Can't wait to see more pics of this little lady. :0)

Oh my goodness! What a sweet little bunny.

I like Alan more with every time you mention him! What a SWEET and great guy! Who wouldn't love a guy that didn't even argue, just assumed that was the way it was gonna be??!! I think you ought to name her Allie, after Alan, since he was so wonderful about bringing her home! Enjoy the new baby, and maybe now, we should expect some wonderful bunny designs from you!!! :))(I'm still waiting VERY anxiously for your sheep with the pumpkin stamp to hit the market!!!)

She's so adorable!!! Heck, what's one more?? I wouldn't have been able to resist either!!!!

OMG - that is the sweetest little face! what a little darling! I had 2 rabbits growing up - we "thought" both were females. Umm, you guessed it, we ended up with 23 babies and after that my parents said no more rabbits!! We took them to my grandparents farm - at least we could still visit them! I like the name "Marble" as suggested by Tracey, above. Very cute and fitting. My first thought was Patches, then Ellie. Can't wait to hear what you choose and looking forward to seeing more pic's as she grows! Thanks for sharing her with us!

OMGoodness, what a sweet bunny! I don't know why, but the name Mopsy immediately came to mind when I saw her. I think she reminds me of a bunny character in a children's book! Enjoy your new baby!

I'm a sucker for bunnies from WAY back. (It started with Thumper and got worse from there.) There were always bunnies around the house (outside, of course, but it didn't stop me from naming them and calling them friend.) Bunnies are a blessing and this one is so ti-i-i-iny and fluffy, you just want to pinch those wee fluffy cheeks and tweak that tiny twitching nose. How could you NOT bring this sad, lonesome fluffy bit of bunniness home? I'd have done the same thing. And I'd have named it
Wudgie Wudgie Foofy-feet, Queen of the Itsy Bunny Cuties... if I were five....

NOW, I'd probably name it Itsy. (and call it Wudgie-Wudgie-Foofy-Bunny-Face ("who's a cute wittle bunny? who's the cutest wittle bunny-face in the whole wide world? you are. oh yes you are... oh yes you are...") when nobody else was around. :-) -k-

Awwww. When I was 14 I had Bigsby, a French Angora bunny with a very similar sweet face. I loved that he was basically free to roam the house w/ moderate supervision and that he'd return to his cage to "do his business" so there weren't little pellets all over. :) He came home with me from a wool fair where I picked him up. Literally. Then I had to explain to my mother, who wasn't with me, why I'd bought a rabbit and why I should get to keep him... Poor Mom, she didn't stand a chance either against the little guy. Enjoy your new baby!

Do you want suggestions? Marble... both for her color and cute little round shape. She's soooo cute. I can see her fuzzy little body... can I pet her? Hehe. Might be hard from CT. My arms aren't that long! ~:-D

BTW, Pee Wee and Wee Maneta still have not arrived, did you put them in the mail to me like I asked? I'm positive that you have too many chickens anyway right?


oh she's so sweet....... and so bitty. She needed someone to love her...you did the only right thing you could do! Hugs to you Anna!


Oh your baby bunny is soooo very sweet! I don't think I could look into it's eyes and then set it down to leave behind. You were a blessing to the bunny. Maybe you could name her Annabelle. After all you're her new momma right?
Good luck naming her.

For some reason Emerald pops in my head when I look at her, I dunno, weird huh? I like weird names anyway. She looks sweet. Hope she loves her new life on the farm!

Speckle. Her face has speckles. And thanks for the PAD. I want to come live in your barn, your photos make it so appealing.

Ahhhh a baby bunny! How cute. I have 2 bunnies in my home. A mama and her baby. They are very sweet. We rescued a mama bunny a little over a year ago and she gave birth to 4 babies in our dog kennel the first day we had her. We were able to find homes for 3 of them but we ended up keeping the 4th one. He turned out to be a boy so we can't keep them together. They are easily litter trainable and can be very friendly. Enjoy the new baby.

Awwww! He looks super snuggable!!! How about Foo-Foo? Like little bunny Foo-Foo. Hmm, wait a sec. Wasn't that a not very nice bunny? Maybe not Foo-Foo then. {giggle} Darlin'? I dunno. You'll figure something out. You always pick the best names!

How sweet!!! I almost did the same thing with a kitten that was at our Vet's yesterday, but I told it that my hubby (different from yours) wouldn't be very happy with me if I came home with him :( I think that Freckles would be a good name because those little apricot spots kind of look like reverse freckles :) The bunny is so cute!!! TFS

Ok...just a post or two ago, you were telling us that your daisy petal story ended with 'loves me'. Girl, logic goes out the window when that happens. Congratulations on your new baby! Hugs!

Absolutely adorable - I too am a sucker for baby animals!!!!! Can't wait to hear her name.

Congratulations! She is adorable! That's exactly the way we felt when we got our pet bunny! Our little guy is a house rabbit and we treat him like a kid -- the entire upstairs is bunny proof so he can run around when we're up there with him (during the day he's confined to the bathroom -- a nice big bathroom with a window -- where there are no wires for him to chew). He's 7 now and I hope he lives 7 more years. He's great! I'm really looking forward to seeing more photos of your little furball as she grows up.

oh, just adorable! I had a pet rabbit when I was little... but she was awful... used to scream and scratch and bite whenever I picked her up... which ended up not being very often in the end. This little bunny looks so snuggly.

She is a cutie indeed! Rabbits are lots of fun. Hope the dogs learn to love her too. I love the name Snuggles, but Whiskers would work too. Can't wait to see some more photos of her.

I think "Snuggles" is a fitting name for the little darling. That little bunny is oh so adorable. I love the coloring (what I can see of it). What a precious little creature!

She is just adorable! She'll fit right in at your place with all her other farm friends!

That face!!! It's so snuggleable! I don't think you were weak, I think you *needed* to adopt that cute bunny and give it a good home. Thanks, Alan :)

How could anyone resist that precious little bunny??!! SOOOOO cute...I'm happy that you have it now! We'll get to watch it grow up!! Nice little snuggles from NE to the newest member of the menagerie!! :) Animals are the BEST!!!

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