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Dang, these are cute pictures! Love all your Life on the Farm stuff! Lollie's a great name, too!

Oh, how sweet!! Lollie is a great name, you are really good at naming!! These photos are so precious, TFS.

Words can not describe how cute these animals are!!! You take amazing photos, thanks for sharing them with us!!

Lollie is sooo sweet!! I love her markings. I fall for little bunnies too! About 4 years ago we found 2 baby bunnies out in the woods and brought them home. They were definitely a different breed and not quite as cute as yours! We ended up getting rid of them (they didn't warm up to us at all) and got some *real* domestic rabbits. They are alot of fun!

Lollie is just darling! And what a sweet name! Have fun with her!

I want your bunny! It's the cutest bunny I have EVER seen! She is just precious....you are killing me here! The pictures are TOO CUTE! Give her a nice pat for me...I want to snuggle her so badly! :) Critters are just the BEST! Hugs to Lollie...

You are making me want to go get a little bunny now. How am I supposed to explain this to my husband? I don't think he would be as understanding as Alan. LOLOLOL

By the way, love the name Lollie! Absolutely adorable! :)

Oh Anna, what a perfect name. These pictures are so precious, she's such a cute little girl. I have nearly reached out to try to touch her on the screen several times.

Awww....she's adorable. How could you not take her home?!

Can it get any cuter!?!?!

Lollie suits her perfectly. Anna, I just don't know how you do it ~ you & Alan seem to pick the right name for the right animal. In my next life I want to come back as an animal and live on your farm, I know I'll have a cute name, be well cared for and loved much! Plus, I'll have the best pics taken of me in my whole life!! Thanks for sharing ALL your little children with fur, feathers, beaks, hooves and whiskers - I just love it! I look forward to it everyday.

what a wonderful name choice! Lollie looks right at home in that Kleenex box....so cute!

OMG, this is the cutest thing ever! I just LOVE your animals! I am SOOOO jealous! Ain't life grand????!!!!

Too cute Love the name and her little casa.

My sister volunteers her time at a rabbit sanctuary. Her rabbit died of cancer and she ended up becoming a permanent foster mom to two wild bunnies who started out this small. It's great to see Lollie in a wonderful home full of lots of new friends.

Lollie & Twinkle Toes make a "fine" pair! What a cute picture of them together. I love Lollie's little Kleenex house. Ida

A very good choice for the name! Make sure that Twink plays nice cause Lollie is tiny!

Lollie is good!! I used to have a beloved little Cocker Spaniel named Lollie...I love that name! And Twinkle Toes looks like a good friend - or babysitter?!?! JH

how sweet she is. Lollie is the perfect name for her! Twinkle toes looks like he's trying to figure her out.


My daughters and I check you blog all the time. We love your animal pictures. (Of course I love your cards too!) They think Lollie is just about the cutest name ever!!
Gina K.

oh stop. that is too freakin' cute! the bunny in the tissue box was already too much, but with birdie on top, ah... my heart is melting. how sweet!

Simon just woke up and I shared your note with him. We had to come to your blog to check the status of the bunny's name. We like Lollie! And he claims to have never felt velvet before, most especially the SOFTEST velvet around. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!
Chris and Simon

Now that's cute. I missed the naming ceremony but you picked the right one. Lollie is perfect lolliepop when shes really good. ;D

These pictures are absolutely adorable! Now we can see how tiny Lollie really is. She is so cute in the Kleenex box. I know you will take good care sweet Lollie...she's a lucky little bunny.

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