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She's adorable. I love her markings. I have two bunnies, although they don't get any attention on my blog.

the kids and I love seeing the bunny pictures, and for that matter ALL the animal pictures!

A bink is a natural happy rabbit behavior. It's when they jump straight up in the air in place or do a 180 degree in the air as they jump. It's just a spontaneous expression of joy for them. Really fun to watch!

For anyone who wants to learn more about bunnies and what they do I highly recommend the website of the House Rabbit Society at www.rabbit.org. That still is a great resource for us as house bunny owners.

And Anna, even thought our bunny is almost 6.5 lbs now, he still likes the small kleenex boxes. He sticks his head in the hole and walks around with the box on his head. It's the funniest thing! When he does this we call him "block head"!

OOOOH-love the varigated fur. Bunnies are so smart too. Miss my Abbey and Bailee but new doggie would not be like the old dogs were with them-he is way too possessive of me as it is. Rub Lollie's ears for me-softest fur around I bet.

What does "BINK" mean? She is SOOO sweet looking.

I've never been around a bunny, do they snuggle with you like puppies and kittens? Does their hair get longer as they grow, or are they like cats and their hair is long, short, or whatever pretty much from day one.

What a sweetie!! :0)

She is very pretty! Love her coloring! She looks like a real sweetie!

What a sweet little bunny face! She makes me happy :)

Wow has she grown!! Still cute as a button! I just love her coloring. tfs :)

OMG!!! Lollie is the cutest little thing. I can't believe she gained 9 ounces in 12 days. She looks like so much fun.

She is so precious! Our bunny loves cardboard too, but what he loves even more are old books. I pick him up new old books every once in a while garage sales and he really likes to tear into them :-).

Have you ben enjoying watching her groom and bink? When we first got our bunny we just couldn't get enough of watching him do that!

Your bunny is so cute!!

I used to have a Dutch bunny named "Oreo"--he lived in my backyard for all his bunny years.

My cat's name is "LOLLY" (like your bunny, but spelled differently!)...as in "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here..." LOL!


She is so adorable, and I can see those 9 ounces! LOL She IS growing...what a cutie! Nice bunny pats to her from me! :)

Awe...what a GORGEOUS bunny you have there. We also have bunnies--two of mini rex's, and they LOVE their cardboard box!! :) CUTE, CUTE!!

Lollie has got to be the cutest bunny EVER! Elliette asked if you'd bring her when you come to visit and let her 'borrow' Lollie . . .and that she'd take "really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really super good" care of her while you were at the coast. Try explaining to a 5 year old why bunnies don't travel, ugh.

How cute

I think it is so great that you have a bunny! I had one when I first got married. Then life intervened and I had two of my three kids and then my hubby got a job out of town. I couldn't keep up with a house and kids and a job and an absentee husband...so we donated Joe-Bunny to a petting zoo...where he lived happily for a long time after that. But, often I wish that we still had our Joe-Bunny. He was the greatest!

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