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Oh, she's soooooo cute!! TFS.

So cute, nope, I have never heard of that breed of chicken either, so thanks for the Chicken Education today. Love the extra picture with the donkey.

I've honestly never heard of a turken before. I'm guessing that part chicken, part turkey. Will wonders never cease?

such a cutie. It is nice to find out new stuff while blogging. One of these days, I will have to visit your farm!

She's cute in a baby way, but that poor little bare neck! She looks all soft and fluffy. Tell Wee Manetta to apply lots of sun screen to her little neck to keep it from getting sunburned!

My son just got a baby duck (after I said I wanted one) and named it Filbert. He takes it to Menards riding on his shoulder and even took it to work one day (he works for an investment company in Iowa). Odd little duckie he is turning out to be-must be he escaped the polluted air of Michigan or the fumes of the manure.

Oh, too cute...and I sure hope the hen hatches another one! That would be great...You have to be having so much fun with all the critters to photograph...not to mention the flowers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos, they are magical!!! :)

Okay, that's it, I am packing my bags and coming to live with you!LOL! Your life just seems to be full of so many wonderful things!
Wee Manetta is just darling!

Wee Manetta is a cutie! Oh and I just have to say, the picture of your pool thermometer? Total CRACK UP!! I had a good laugh over that. Makes me want to take a picture of our duck thermometer!! LOL

Absolutely adorable!!!

she is a cutie

so cute. the clarity is amazing in your photographs

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