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i just love all your work anna :-) and taht illistration taotaly describes how im feeling right now... i really like this one guy and kinda think he likes me (teh joys of being 17...) anyhoo keep up the awesome stuff. chelsey

Oh, dear... I can see what's coming! :(

Very nice illo!

This is beautiful! :)

I so love your illustrations! Just an FYI: chick card is posted!!

Lovely!! "Rejection" is a perfect title. :)

Anna,you are a gifted person. Such beautiful artwork and photo's.

This is great, Anna! Very imaginative! It's easy to see why you have your own line of stamp designs!

Amazing.... you are totally amazing! LOVE this!! AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!!! :)

Oh, this is fun... we had similar ideas. I love the colors, simple and beautiful...

clever take on the topic!

whew! I quickly read the title and at first I thought this was rejected by Whipper Snapper. LOL. I wondered how they could reject this! But then I found the part of my brain I temporarily lost and re-read the title. hehe. love your drawing!

I haven't done that in such a long time...

Wow - this is really something Anna. I just love it!


PS - I finally broke down & bought a camera - I looked into the one you have but couldn't afford the extra zero on the price!! Ha!!! I bought a Canon Power Shot S3IS digital with a SanDisk Extreme III 1.0 gb memory card. Hope that makes sense to you because I still have my nose stuck in the manual...

Love it as usual! Great job! It amazes me how you can just pick up a brush and come up with such wonders..it's refreshing though to know that some people just have that sort of talent exuding from them. You are definitely one of them.

wow, your talent just amazes me!

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