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Absolutely adorable! You are s-o-o-o-o-o talented! Just tell Penny to watch out for the roosters if she's going to be running around bottomless!!!! Hope to see this as a WS stamp! Keep 'em coming!

Too cute! As always! ;)

hehe, really cute and funny

OMG!!! She is soooo cute, I LOVE her!! Please oh please tell me this is going to be a stamp!??!?!? What a riot! Thanks for sharing your endless talents with us!

TOO CUTE!! A chicken in a bikini, hahaha. I absolutely love it!!! Maybe you should make one for one of your chickens put it on and take a photo to make a card. It's so delightful and such a funny thought, TFS.

Ummmmm, where are her bottoms? What a bold little chicken, to be swimming with no bottoms.
tee hee!

LOL this is adorable!!

Ah goodness me, but she is adorable in her red polka dot bikini! :)

Anna - love your illustration style and the stuff you think up! Too cute!

So cute! Is that naughty chicken goin' bottomless?!?! Just kidding. I love your illustrations. Full of personality!

What a cutie, love it.

That is too cute for words...I have been gone a couple of days, and this is what I come back to! How fun is that???!!! Thanks for the SMILE!!! :)

oh my gosh....I just love it!

Your talent is amazing! She is adorable!

Anna, your chicken is just great! We get worried when the weather gets really warm, FIL is a turkey farmer, the birds just want to lay on their backs and roast....ack....not yet, not till we get them to market!

This is so adorable! What is it about (some) women and chickens? I love them too. My neighbor keeps a small flock and it is my great joy to "chicken sit" when she is away on vacation.

Is there such a thing as a 'sexy' chicken???
If so Penny will win the title! Adorable.

I love Penny...she's adorable! The red, polka dot bikini makes her look very sassy ;) ! ~Aileen

So cute and fun...love it! Makes me wanna go jump in the pool...if I had one! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Barb g

Simply adorable, love everything about it!

wonderful! I love that she is only wearing a top!

This is too funny Anna, I love it! :)

I love Penny in her red Bikini!

Oh how FUNNY! Love this chick (don't know about all the girls looking good in a polka dot bikini though- I haven't worn a bikini in probably 25 years! And I wouldn't dare try now! LOL!).
Have a super weekend!
Anette (snowmom13)

Too stinkin' cute Anna! She doesn't fit the saying "madder than a wet hen", she looks happy as a lark. Love it.

Oh, Anna -- Penny is hilarious! I really hope you get to illustrate a children's book someday -- you'd be wonderful at it! I can see a whole book around crazy Penny!

Ack! You are so darn talented that I can't stand it! heehee! I love your illustrations!!

Please tell me this will be a Whipper Snapper stamp!!!! I LOVE her!!!!

I know our thousands and thousands of white chickens sure would look dashing in that red and white bikini! Hmmm, interesting question, can chickens swim?? Maybe I ought to go throw one of ours into our pond and take a look see!!! I'm truly curious now! LOL!!!

Anna, I was feeling a little down today...had a bad week, so I took a peak at your blog. Your art and photos always make me feel better! thank you! I love to read your stories too....you live a great life!

This is adorable. If this is not a new WS design, it should be.

I LOVE the chicken in the bikini! It is so funny and cute. I ADORE the new banner too. So pretty and so Anna! :)

Sooooo cute! I just love all your illustrations. Great job!

This is tooo funny! What a clever idea! I think I've gotten my fascination with birds these days from you! LOL!

Hey, I hope this is going to be turned into a rubber stamp - it would be a sure hit!
Sandy Kay

So cute! She looks pretty darn happy even if she can't swim!

A chicken in a bathing suit...Cute!

Awwwwww - it was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny red and white bikini...that she wore!

Anna, this is too cute! I love these illustrations of yours...are you published in this category?? If not, you certainly ought to be:) I also wanted to add, thank you for doing your PAD slides...my 3 yr. old absolutely loves all the insects and farm animals you shoot! So you making us both happy...kids love the animal pics and mommy LOVES your cards and sewing projects:)))

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