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Their very rare to see I've heard. Beautiful moth!

Okay, I am unpacking my bags! Changed my mind about moving in with you - Entirely too many (and BIG) bugs down in your neck of the woods. That is one HUGE moth! I could handle the moth, but that spider last year-- no sir, I couldn't handle that. You got any snakes there too?
Now I'm going to have to do the spider/bug check before I go to bed!
Anette (snowmom13)

Okay. First it's that awful spider that had you running for the hills (I still see your little computer character, in my head, running for the hills -- too funny!) and now this awful moth. Ugh! LOL.

(shudder).....i'm so glad i'm not the only one who thinks they are ick. Anna, that is one of the most terrifying pictures I think i've seen (LOL). Mothra indeed...heehee
Mothman prophecies....something...I'm so glad that my residential moths are smallish. THey still send me squealing and slapping when they get too close though. I don't fear many bugs at all, for some reason the moth just does it to me! (the only thing worse would be a flying centipede...but centipedes don't fly thank GOD!)

I learn so much on this blog and really enjoy the beautiful pictures of natures. Keep it up!

I'm not real big on bugs, or moths, but this one looks like the kind of moths used in "Silence of the Lambs" ...great picture, even if I think they are creepy...lol

Whooohooo! The hours spent collecting nasty big bugs for a class paid off, LOL!

Wait 'till you see the Rhino beetles in real life. They make you want to *not* walk around barefoot outside, but they're sure pretty! Do y'all get those up there? What about the doodoo bugs (dung beetles)? Those are fun to watch, if you want to hang around where there's poop galore!

Mothra was such a cheesy movie! I like yours much better!

I would take these moths over the cicadas any day! What an awesome picture!

It's moth season here too -- ick! They scare the begeezies outta me! I can't imagine one as big as this. Cancel my summer visit ;)

It's MOTHRA!!!! LOL Believe it or not, there's a Sci-Fi movie about a giant moth, named Mothra...it is TOO funny!!! My oldest son was afraid of moths even in high school (and he was a strong, manly athlete!)...they would fly around the light on the porch, and when he came home from a date he would duck in the door to avoid them! It was hilarious...The photo is beautiful, such wonderful markings! Thanks for sharing, and bringing back some memories for me! :)

Yup, I believe it's a Waved Sphinx. Check out this picture.... http://tdserver1.fnal.gov/peterson/tom/Moths/Sphingidae/Sphingidae-Pages/WavedSphinx.html
Very beautiful, just like your work, Anna!

Mike (Mr. My Insect Collection Is Probably Still On Display at SWT) is pretty sure it's a Sphinx moth. :)

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