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Haven't stamped with anyone else than Stampin'UP. Would love to! Feels a bit like cheating though...I bought some lovely pink ribbon yesterday with lambs on it. Would be perfect!
Love your blog!
Sylvie Greeniaus from Toronto, ON

Wow I missed all the excitement. I was in New orleans..now I am trying to catch up on the blogs. glad to know you were safe. We had bad weather last night too...and I was wishing I had my camera. Stay safe. Chris

What a story! We dont have tornadoes up here, just big storms. It was good that you got back home safely!

OK, so I am a few days late in posting to your post lol.
I had an experience with a tornado and wally world too! i live in E. Iowa/W. Illinois and we have a lot of twisters too.

About ten years ago I was in Walmart, before they moved to the Super Wally, I had told my mom I was going to pull the car up front for her and suggested she check out.
Well I started towards the front of the store when I noticed the outside winds were really picking up and rain was spraying the windows, which was odd.
Then a similar announcement came on that you had heard to head to the back of the store. So I went back by the socks and undies, and could still see the scary situation outside along with people rushing in. Then the doors were all locked.
After a few minutes I could hear my mom saying loudly ( she doesn't yell in public, even in panic ) "But my daughter is out there getting the car, I have to get my daughter"
A few Walmart employees kept telling her she had to stay in the store.

So I went up to her, "Mom, I'm right here."
And she kept saying the same thing to the store employees and not registering who I was.
Finally I grabbed her arm and said " Mom... it's me!"
And she just kinda looked at me and put her hand on my hand.. then we watched a cart corral ( those metal things you place your cart in out in the parking lot ) bang up against the store windowed doors.
It was something else.

Sorry for the long comment! Glad your OK!
and employees were telling here

Glad nothing touched down...but those are some pretty outstanding photos!! :0)

Wow ! I've been wondering how you were doing with all the rain. Not a good place to be. Come home to Idaho We have Wall Mart here too. Love your blog.

Such drama! Good grief! Sure makes for an interesting life, though. Glad everything turned out okay!

Glad you are safe. Just another reason why I don't shop at Walmart. Only they would want you to shop while you are waiting for the storm to pass. I declare!!!

So glad to hear that you are ok!
Those clouds in the photo look really bad.

So glad you are safe!!!!! I've been in Wal-mart during a really bad storm and I'm not sure what type of roofing they use but it sounds like the roof is about to come off! So looking forward to the creations of the CHF design team!

So glad you are safe!!!!! I've been in Wal-mart during a really bad storm and I'm not sure what type of roofing they use but it sounds like the roof is about to come off! So looking forward to the creations of the CHF design team!

I'm glad to hear that the tornado didn't touch down near you. My husband and I were in WalMart during a store once and the power went out so we were all directed out of the store. Nothing like doing all your shopping and having to leave it in the cart.

Love Alan's photos of the clouds!

p.s. Congrats on the new design team for CHF!

We see all the flooding in the news in Texas. Hope you don't have any where you live.
Gramma Dar

So glad a tornado did not form! I've been through a couple of those here in AR & it ain't fun. It is just like a man to be out looking for one instead of taking shelter!!

I am glad everything turned out OK...but I can't believe Alan's beloved firetruck was sitting outside in the storm!!! lol

Anna -
If you do get swept away by floods or a tornado, can I have your camera gear? Just wondering.


- jeff :)

Anna: Wow, what a "shopping" experience! Glad all is okay there. We could use some of that rain right now to douse the fire at Tahoe. Thanks for all of your beautiful pics & wonderful cards. Love that new little bunny.

so glad to hear you made it home safe!!! but had to chuckle at the *denim moo-moo dressed lady* your stories are vivid!

OH my word I was on the edge of my seat reading this so glad you and Allen are OK!

Never a dull moment, huh?! I'm so glad you made it home safe.

Why don't you just pick up the farm and move to Colorado -- it's safer ;)

Oh I have been there and done that! I was visting my cousin in Iowa and we were at Target. The same thing happened to us and we had to go to the center of the store for about a half an hour. We were in the middle of town, but there were corn stalks being thrown around the parking lot from the major storm. We both laugh now about it, but man was it scary. Thought I was going to die in my favorite store!
Glad it worked out for you too.

Scary! So glad you're safe!

Precisely why I live in Idaho!!! I'm so glad you are OK...every time I hear of the bad weather in Texas, I think of you guys...
I think it's neat that you and Alan are on the same page, as far as photography goes - he knew you'd want photos of that!! Good job, Alan!! God bless you guys!! Jeanne in Idaho xoxoxo

Oh Anna, I am so glad you are safe. We have been having some wonky weather here in Oklahoma too. I actually have a picture of a tornado we had here a week ago on my blog's home page...it't tiny (the pic - not the tornado). Being from Wisconsin, I am NOT used to this weather...it has been raining for the last two weeks and the storms are FIERCE!!! Thank God for safe rooms!

Hope the weather in your area calms down and you guys stay safe.

I live in Midlothian and it was super scary!! I was getting a pedicure around 7 pm when the sirens started going off. My family kept calling my cell wanting me to come home, but a girls gotta have pretty toes, doesn't she?!!!

I love your blog. I check it every day. You are an amazing artist!


LOL! Ok, I love this story just for the fact that the Walmart people encouraged you to keep shopping during the storm. This is great!

So glad to hear everyone is safe. Who would have thought a trip to Wal-Mart could be soooo eventful?

OMGarsh!!!! Those are some scary, dark clouds. I'm glad you were safe and sound in Wally World and that the tornado never touched down.

The title to your post is f u n n y! The only question I have is did they also offer a blue light special? I am so glad you are ok. I have lived in the t-belt so I know what you are going through. I've had to take cover quite a few times. Scary

Two weeks ago I had a layover at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. As I walked around waiting for my flight, I noticed the "tornado country" signs posted outside the bathrooms. I thought that was strange, coming from a part of the country where tornadoes rarely exist. I imagine it would be frightening beyond words to hear tornado sirens or listen to an announcement such as the one you heard in Wal-Mart. By the way, thanks for all the photos you post. I love seeing all your animals and nature shots. I would have loved to see the plastic spider you wrote about a few weeks ago that scared you out of your pants!

Oh I'm SO glad that you are all safe and sound! How scare-eee! I wonder if the animals at the farm freak out when a storm is approaching?


Totally scary. Have you recovered? Man, I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to have been in your shoes. Anything good in the centre of the store? LOL

SCARY! Alan did a great job with the pics - I love the second one. I would have thought it was taken in black and white if I didn't see the red car lights!

OH MY GOSH! I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE ALRIGHT. That would have scared me to death. Those pictures are frightening. Again, so glad you're alright.
Chris Hauck

I've been thinking about you guys in Texas and all that rain...please send some our way....North Atlanta..we are in a severe draught! Glad you got home ok.....

Sheesh! Glad you are safe! Great pictures that Alan took, though scary clouds!

I just want to tell you how inspiring your blog is for me...I read it everyday...I LOVE your photography. I live in Ohio and we haven't had a drop of rain in weeks...everything is brown.
I am also a 3rd grade teacher, and I am using sunflowers as a theme in my classroom. I would love to be able to display some of your sunflower photos in my classroom. Do you sell them? I love your animals, too...that bunny is just adorable!

Julie Miller

WHOA! Scary! We're in SW Austin & several storms are about to hit soon (about 40 miles west of us (estimate) in Marble Falls, they had over 18 inches of rain overnight!!! Can you remind us in your next post, where exactly in TEXAS you are??!

Thank goodness it looked more threatning than it really ended up being! You are too funny....I was laughing out loud at your description of the elderly lady....been there...done that! Glad you are safe!

Wow Anna glad you are ok. How scary.

Wow, glad you are safe, I don't think I have seen clouds that dark from a storm.

Wow, what an experience! I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound! Tell Alan he did a great job with the pics of those nasty clouds!

I know exactly how you felt. Tornados and bugs - the two things I do not like about the midwest. We finally got an emergency kit in our basement and I practice what I will do and what I will take with me if one ever gets that close here (and they do). Glad you're ok.

OMGoodness, Anna -- I didn't hear about any tornados in our area today. Glad you were safe. Freaky looking clouds! I've been at our mall this spring when the sirens went off and had the pleasure of seeing all the underground storm shelters there . . . very interesting!

"God bless Texas!" I'm glad you're fine. What a surreal trip to Wally World. It was hilarious that they encouraged shopping still in the store center during the tornado watch/warning. --Kelly

OMGosh Anna!!! I would have been PETRIFIED if that had been me (I don't know why but I am senslessly terrified of tornadoes tho I've never seen one IRL!)

Can't believe they were telling y'all to continue shopping - only at WalMart LOL!

I'm glad you're OK!! :o)

So glad you are safe and sound at home with hubby and all the critters Anna. The weather has been getting stranger and stranger over the past couple of years and we've had some tornadoes in the NorthEast states too. Pretty unusual for us, but it's happening. Stay safe sweetie!

Boy, that's a lot of excitement for Walmart!!! Sure am glad no one got hurt or anything...is it ever going to stop raining in TX??? So weird! Those pictures are pretty scary, sure glad Alan is OK, too...and baby Lollie! :)

Oh my! I am so glad you made it home safely!! What an exciting night! HA! :)

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