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A W E S OM E photos!!!! I've never seen a mud turtle or any other turtle for that matter except at the Bronx Zoo. They had GIANT turtles! What are the two long, skinny, non curly tendril-like things on top of the head and down the face?? TFS.

I love the photo. My daughter would love the mud turtle. She had 2 spider turtles, and 1 died a couple of weeks ago. Hers are very small...It is very muggy in my part of Texas too! Are we ready for hot, humid muggy summer??? Have a great week. chris

That little guy is so stinkin cute!! I want one!! Do you see alot of them where you live?? I wish we had them in the NW! Thanks for sharing Anna

He's very colorful and bright. IMHO, he's quite the little stud muffin! (as turtles go). Great photos!


He looks starteld. But he's pretty darned cute. I dont like snakes either. We get skeeters as large as 747's sometimes too ;)

Oh, what a cute critter...I think! haha GREAT pictures, and turtles are always fun to find! Thanks for sharing your first inhabitant of this sort on the farm!

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