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Now that's not fair...I love what little of this image I saw but sure wish it would have been the whole deal! Can't wait to see if it gets picked. I'm a cat lover & this would be a MUST HAVE for me. Ida

Love it!

Hey, Anna! Is there a dog under that cat? Too cute!!!

too cute, love how the bird is calling out to it's friends to come and get a whisker or two off the cat too..lol

girl, I don't know how you do it!! You've got your hands in everything!!
Love the design!!

Great image!
When I grew up we had a budgerigar that liked to sit on our dog's head (and back), an English Setter. The dog was a bit afraid of the bird, I think the bird's toenails was a bit 'pointy'... ;-)

I cant pick my favorite company between Whipper and House MOuse-I just like cats, mice and most animal ones. I need a donkey stamp really bad but most I have seen are too ugly. I want silly.

Was Junior your inspiration for this adorable stamp? :)

ooh ooh. I love what I am seeing in just this little shot. Well, of course they have to pick this one! I think I have to get a third job along with Manetta! janet in nc

Love the birdie...
Love the kitty...
Love the stamp so far!!!

Looks super cute! :)

oh boy, Ohio is not far from Illinois...are you going to be there???

The sneak peek of the stamp makes me so curious and you know what curiosity did to the cat!! haha. The only thing that comes to my dilapidated mind is that the cat is standing on a dog or penguin. TFS.

You are a tease....I just got another load of Anna rubber last week. Love it!

Oh, this looks too cute...I want to see the rest! How are we supposed to wait until July????

WAHOO ANNA! Congratulations! I am SURE there will be lots I will have to buy!! :D That's just awesome! :D

I agree with Michelle... how am I supposed to get caught up with my purchasing when you keep coming out with more????? Do I have to get a third job??? Please let me know if they will be retiring any of your current stamps! Thanks.
By the way, love the kitty and bird image and have already added it to my list because how could WS not make it part of the release?
Hope you are staying safe with all the wild weather going on in your neck of the woods! Take care,

Note to self: start saving money now!

Oh, I HAVE to have this one! I surely hope it makes it! I can't wait to see the whole thing...FUN, FUN!!! :)

CRAP!!!! More new releases!!! I haven't finished buying what I want from the *last* new releases!!!!!

Oh...I'm crossing my fingers that this design makes it. I love cat images (I have a little character of a cat named Rocky who likes to climb onto the roof of our house...among other things) and I would definately be tempted to get any cat designs that you drew.


I certainly hope they pick that image--it's adorable! You and your birds and me and my cats--what a combination!!!

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