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Never enough flowers for me...you photo is amazing! I also love the interesting tidbits you post about them. That would be a great Jeopardy answer- "this flower is cream and light pink and it's leaves are red and green. What is the Texas wild flower?" Fantastic photo, TFS.

Beautiful! I love the photo's and the flowers. I see someone else has already mentioned what we refer to as (Indian Paintbrush)here in the Pacific Northwest. The blooms look a little different but they are probably the same species of flower. Very vibrant indeed. Ida

No, please don't stop the photos! I think that you could photograph an outhouse in a rainstorm and I would still be awestruck. I missed out on a photo op that you inspired me to "see". I was in the car and passed a field that was freshly plowed...just dirt, a tractor, and a farmer kicking the dirt off of his boots. Doesn't sound like much, but I just know that it would have been beautiful. This leads me to my question. You have such ample opportunity to photograph near to home. Do you venture out of Anna Wight Village with your camera on a regular basis or is it just for vacations, etc? I have a brand new Canon EOS Digital XTi that I am just learning to use. I would love to have it with me everyday, but it's big, and so is the extra lens. Do you have a camera bag that you absolutely love? You probably made one, right? Seriously, I want my camera with me at all times, but that camera bag is just not cute at all! Sorry that this is so long, but I really enjoy your work, and you truly inspire me. I just learned how to blur the background because of you! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work. YOU ROCK!!!

Once again, fabulous photography!

I never tire of flowers. Many of the flowers that grow in my yard were confused this year. They sprouted and budded very early due to unseasonable warmth, then they all died from a late cold snap. So, keep the wild flowers coming, they are so so pretty

It looks a lot like what we call indian paintbrush. It is one of my favorites. Keep the pictures coming. I love them. Flowers are the next best thing to stamping.
I love these paintbrushes mixed in with the bluebonnets.

These are spectacular ~ as is your photography! Please don't stop posting your amazing photo's ~ I'm a HUGE fan of them as well as your stamping creations! Congrats on the appointment to the Design Team too!

Love your wildflower photos Anna. This one is one I've never seen and I'm drooling over here. Simply beautiful.

Too many pics of flowers! Not going to happen! Uh-uh, no way, no how!

I think we get these same flowers in CO, except we call them Indian Paintbrush here. They are so pretty! Can you tell me what time of day you take your pictures? The light that you have is so perfect.


Gorgeous! I never get tired of looking at your photography so keep snapping away!!

Oh Gosh! Keep 'em coming!
I just love all your pictures. So pretty!
I am so envious- there is nothing blooming around here yet(well, a little bit- starting to).
Anette (snowmom13)

Beautiful picture and congratulations on your new design team position at MFT!
Gina K.

Those are SO beautiful! I miss that about TX...such pretty spring flowers! Thanks for the GREAT picture!

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