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Awesome photo!! I am amazed by the colors because I've never seen one like this, however, I still really, really can't stand them. TFS.

I just wish I could come and shadow you some day... you could give me pointers on stamping and photography. Wish...wish...wish... :-)

He's beautiful! Nice photography!

Great pic! Saltmarsh caterpillar, eh? Florida has something like that. I just call them wooly buggers!

Absolutely STUNNING photography skills!!! WOWee!!

What a wonderful photograph! I love this fuzzy guy. Ida

Anna, your photographs are amazing! You are so very talented. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. What a pleasure.

oooh, I can feel my skin itching already! I used to play with these a lot as a kid and then come in with a rash head to toe! Great photo!

Gorgeous picture! WOW! You do such amazing work!!!

WOW what a great, detailed photo. I have never seen a caterpillar like that before. LOVE your PAD page!!!!!

Amazing shot Anna! Just no pictures of spiders OK?


Your photos are just stunning!!!!
I was looking through your PAD gallery last night and it is just amazing!
Your right though- this caterpillar gives me the willies too. Even though he is awesome looking, if I found that crawling on me, I'd have a heart attack.
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!
Anette (snowmom13)

I am so loving all of your photos! I am an avid animal/nature lover and you capture the unique beauty of everything you photograph. The pictures are wonderful. TFS!!!

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