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Very cute illo - Wouldn't it be great if flowers grew that big - but then I suppose the bees would be big too! I also enjoyed seeing your photography!

Very nice! Fun illo.

I just love your illustrations. I agree with a comment already made - you should really be in the business big time! The image above would make a great stamp!!!!!


This is just lovely !

Love the fantastic pictures of the flowers. The card is soooooo cute. Thanks!

Love the fantastic pictures of the flowers. The card is soooooo cute. Thanks!

wonderful illo!!


Hey there!!! I love your gallery and hope that one day I can get a camera that will allow me to learn to take such beautiful pictures. I also wanted you to know that Mouth...looks identical to my Isabelle. They could be siblings I swear, looks just like her. But, I bet Mouth has a tail, Isabelle's had to be amputated about 2 years ago due to a altercation with a possum, a bite that was undetected until it abcessed. Poor kitty.. she is a joy though!

Anna this is so cute, just love your illustrations! Masterfully colored as well!

ooh i really love your illustrations!! i would totally buy a card or postcard like that!

Hey Anna

This year the ranch has been a sea of wildflowers it has been such a treat. And they are so big, so prolific, your illustration nails it.

Guess what? I just tagged you for a blogger game! 8 things about me. Visit my blog to check it out.

Hope you are well!

another wonderful card! Love those wildflowers in Texas...Chris

I was really amazed to read that you wanted to illustrate children's books, but didn't feel like you quite measured up. (insert sad face)! I love your work Anna! I read your blog every day. I so enjoy reading about your farm life, your photography, the sharing of your illustrations and how your works become stamps, of course! You're Top Notch, I tell ya'!

another wonderful one

You are so incredibly talented. I love your coloring. And photography! It's all amazing!

Absolutely Darling! It reminds me of my mammoth sunflowers that are starting to bloom...I wish they grew wild! Love your stuff, all of it Anna!

I agree, we definitely need this in a stamp! I can't wait to see the new Whipper Snapper stamps!

Great pic. Oooh, always love a neak peak.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy peeking in on your blog, it's wonderful! If I write a childerns book will do the illustrations!? I have a really good story but it needs the pefect pictures to set it off! I just love your style and color choices. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

Oooohhh Whipper Snapper stamps! You know how I love those cute stamps! Can't wait!

We need this as a stamps image - don't we everyone!? Let's go for it!

You are a very talented woman! LOVE what you are watercoloring!

Magical!!! TFS

Your drawings (like your photography) is just amazing! What an original you are! I enjoy visiting your blog so much! Thanks!

So cute! Great job, as usual!

I've been following your illustrations the past couple a days, and am smitten! Just wonderful... maybe you need to get into the biz!

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