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Woah, you have A LOT of comments!!! I'm Tara from Australia and have only just started reading your blog a few days ago.

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the amazing photos and cards you come up with. Thanks so much for sharing.

I just love the pictures you did of the toad, we have hundreds of frogs that hatch during the spring time and I just love hearing them sing. The first year we lived at our home I found out the pond on our property isn't spring feed so it dries up when there is no rain. I went down with a big bucket and tried to save all the frogs. My husband and new neighbors all thought I was crazy. But to me I was just saving such a wonderful animal. 14 Years later and I am still trying to take care of all the animals that come to our home. We even have a sign on our door that says " Stray Cats Welcome Here!" We have 5 cats in our home, one that was a stray that lives in my Sunporch and several strays that come for dinner, along with two racoons, two possums and anything else that is hungry including deer. But I won't change a thing, I love animals and I also love taking pictures of them when I can. Keep; up the good work!

In my next life I want to be an artist and photographer like you! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful 'nature' photos. We're out in the country too and love the many animals and birds and creepy crawlies around us. Your regular blog updates with photos are such a treat. Keep 'em coming ...! (So sorry for the loss of your dear cat.)

I would love to be the winner of your blogcandy! Every day i´m here and look at your beautiful pictures!

Hi Anna,

I enjoy viewing your blog. Thanks for offering the blog candy.

I enjoy your blog. I love your cards, of course, but also really enjoy when you post the photos of critters:) Thanks for keeping me entertained and also for offering the blog candy.

I could use some happy stuff in my mailbox. I am so upset with hubby. I had a radiator leak and he said he would put some antifreeze stuff in for me so I could get to the dealer and get it fixed. MInd you, this car is only 1 years old this month and hardly any miles-likeless that 7 thousand. SO he does, I take it in and they call me today. He had put the stuff in the power brake line! He is an automotive engineer!!! HOw can he do something so dumb. He wont tell me how much I am out-but along with his stupid speeding tickets-I am gonna kill him for sure.

YAY! I love blog candy! Have a great Memorial Weekend!! :)

I hope you have a great holiday weekend, with maybe some extra time for photos AND stamping! Thanks for sharing both with your faithful readers. :)

Blog Candy!? It must be good for so many women to comment. Thank you for sharing your life with so many. Really appreciate your photography but also your inspiring cards. Have a great weekend!

I sure enjoy your blog Anna! I have especially loved checking in each day for your Photo A Day. Thanks for sharing your creativity (and your wonderful animal photos) with us!

I really enjoy reading your blog! Love all of your pictures, the stamps you've created and your cards too! ~~Pam

I love your blog, you are so dang talented, girl! I love coming here to get inspired. Your cards are wonderful, and your photos always WOW me!

Have a great long weekend!

Well, how exciting! Just what I need to cheer me up after a long night's work, a chance at fun stuff! Stephanie M.


LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork and photos and stories with us!

OOOH goodie, gotta try for this one. Surprise is always good!
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend!!
I'm off Saturday and Sunday, but have to work Memorial Day. :0(
Have a good one!
Anette (snowmom13)

I love your blog - it is a great source of inspiration!!

Ooooh, I want to win! I love surprises. Anna, I just love to read your blog and look at your beautiful photos. You're so lucky to have so much creativity in one body. I wish I could meet you someday. I don't think we'd run out of things to talk about all day. Happy Memorial Day!

OHH, I love suprises!! I also went a took a peek at your photo's Anna, and they are FAB! I really like how you put feeling into the photos. I really like the old fence photo. Enjoy the weekend and hoping that Mondays my lucky day! :)

Peggy F

Hi there! Have a great weekend!

Hello Anna!! Great way to start off the weekend...with Blog candy!! I got my package the other day - the papers are EXCELLENT QUALITY!! I just LOVE them -- everything is mondo perfect! Thank you again for ordering and getting everything that I wanted!!!

Elaine :)

Your photos are breathtaking - I love your view on the world -

sweet candy have a great weekend, Anna!


Love your blog! Thanks!!

Woohoo! Blog candy! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Anna!

What a great way to start the weekend! Thanks for the fun drawing; I'm really enjoying your PAD! Have a great weekend Anna....Did I ever mention that Anna was my Godmothers name?

I always enjoy visiting your blog. I like how you share your animals with us. We even get a bit of an education to go along with it. lol I enjoy your wonderful creations as well. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your animals with us. Have a great weekend.

Here's wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! I really enjoy your blog and thanks for offering up candy!

Hi Anna, I ordered your Early Bloomer photo, had it framed and absolutely love it! It's always fun to check your blog-great photos, great stamped cards, great inspiration. thanks for all your work, Cindy O'Connor

I just can't stand to miss a day of checking your blog to see what's new on the farm. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy your farm experiences and your creativity. I hope I get the blog candy this time!!

Pam in TX

I love your blog, your photos and your fantastic designs from Whipper Snapper...do I get bonus point for using those cutie WS stamps? LOL!

I come for your amazing photos and amazing ideas - and mystery blog candy is definitely one of the latter :)

Oh, how exciting! Even more so because it's a surprise! I love your blog and your amazing photographs. Thanks for sharing them with your fans! ;)

Look at all the comments. Good for you. Easy to see why your blog is terriffic. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

I LOVE your art and your photography, Anna... thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. You always bring a smile to my face.
Thanks.. Julia Diane

How fun! I love your blog. I wish that I had even half of your creativity. I need you to teach me to take beautiful photos too. Thanks!

pick me, pick me.

I LOVE your photos - and the toad pics are great. Love reading your blog, too. Have a great Memorial Day (and holiday weekend)!

Great blog. Love surprises and can't wait to see what you are offering for blog candy. Thanks for sharing.


Love your blog and I read it daily. I especially have enjoyed your beautiful photography. My 7 year old son and I cuddle up and look at the amazing animals you photograph and we have the best time reading about them! Thanks so much for sharing. We were very sad about Kimberly and my son said she is in kitty heaven eating at God's table! Happy Holiday weekend!

I just Love your Blog. You are a very talented person, your photography and cards are just the Best.

WooHoo! Pick Me!

Have a fabulous long weekend. I enjoy looking at all your beautiful photography. Hope you will post some more of the farm animals soon. Did love the frog.


Have a fabulous long weekend. I enjoy looking at all your beautiful photography. Hope you will post some more of the farm animals soon. Did love the frog.


Surprises are ALWAYS FUN!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs & card designs with all of us. They are a happy part of my day :) Have a safe & relaxing Memorial weekend!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Can't wait to see the grand unveiling of goodies :D

oooh, I like surprises! :D....

Anna-I thoroughly enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing. Your photography is truly inspiring.

Wow, what a treat! You are so very inspiring - your photography, cards and store. I enjoy visiting your blog to see your creative work. Enjoy your weekend.

I've enjoyed reading your blog any chance I get. Your photography is amazing !!! Good luck to everybody !!

Thanks for sharing all of your talent with us. Your photos are fabulous and a real inspiration to those of us who desire to improve our photographic eye.

Love your blog! You are very talented!


Your photos make me feel like I am back in Texas. What a talent! Thank you for having such a great blog for everyone to enjoy.

I love your blog - it is always fun to come see what you have posted, pics of critters or pics of stamped projects. I grew up on a farm so I love all the critters you post.


Blog candy, how fun! I hope you and Alan have a wonderful holiday weekend with your critters.

What fun! Blog candy is so worth the effort. Not much in store for the weekend but looking forward to it, nonetheless. Good luck to everyone.
Chris Hauck

Hi Anna, I have been stampin for about 6 months now and I am always looking for inspiration and I check your blog daily to see what your creative mind has come up with! I {heart} your cards!
Create a Great Long Weekend!!

Whoa...look at all the posts already! Have fun this weekend!

Anna ~ Your blog is so inspirational. I love your cards and your bea-u-ti-ful pictures. I loved growing up on a farm in Idaho, and can't wait to move back there next year as soon as my dh retires from the Navy. I hope you and Alan have a wonderful long weekend. Thanks for offering the blog candy surprise box!

Have a great weekend, Anna. Can't wait to see what you've got cooked up this time whether I win or not!

Your photos are so neat. I wish I could take pictures like that. And, I am such an animal lover that I feel like I want to adopt all of your cows and donkeys and kitties and dogs. Don't forget to count your blessings!!!

I still read you daily Anna. . . just haven't posted in a while . . . the carpel tunnel is really bad now so I don't type much anymore. I go to the doc on wednesday. I can't wait to see what the blog candy is and who wins! good luck everyone!

I simply adore your blog. Your cards are inspiring, your photography is awesome, and your wit keeps me chuckling. Thanks!

Susan C.

Fun - I love surprises! Have a wonderful long weekend!!

yay - blog candy - you always have the BEST CANDY!!! Have a great weekend!

Thanks so much for the chance to win some goodies!

I have so been enjoying your wildflower and critter pictures! It's so nice to be able to enjoy the Texas treasures all the way from West Virginia!

I haven't seen Miss Daisy or Mr. Farley lately. Are they okay?

Thanks agian!


Oh, oh...pick me. :)

Blog candy from SweetMissDaisy! LOL, you are going to have so many entries! Have a good day off. Take a few minutes to think about all our men and women in uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

You are the BEST!

Yummy blog candy - so figure friendly!

Pick me, pick me your favorite stalker. ~liz

*waving* Hi, Happy Memorial Day weekend....Feel free to pick my name!!

ooooh! blog candy, my FAVORITE! Have a lovely weekend!

Anna, your photography is just beautiful. I'm so inspired by you. I am in the Caribbean on vacation right now and today, I spent some time working on taking pictures just because I was so inspired by your work. Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to get back to Austin and see what I can shoot!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend Anna!

Oh Anna Please Pink my number. I love your work, sheer genious.

I LOVE surprises - and long weekends too (ours was this past weekend in Canada!!) :o)

OMGoodness, that Mimosa tree bloom in your PAD gallery is gorgeous, Anna -- never knew something that pretty would grow here, either! Can't wait to see what your giveaway is -- have a great weekend!

Pick me! I read your blog every day and support your ebay store! ;) You do an awesome job and I love to see what you are going to come up with next!

Pick me! I read your blog every day and support your ebay store! ;) You do an awesome job and I love to see what you are going to come up with next!

Mmmm... blog candy...

Just keep those beautiful photos coming and I will remain happy! Thanks for the inspiration!


I always enjoy stopping by and visiting your blog. It's simply fun. And I want to enter for the blog candy drawing too.

Oh, what fun! Can't wait to see what it is and who's lucky enough to win it!! :)

Love your blogg! I would just love to get a surprize from sweetmissdaisy!!
Have a great holiday weekend!

It is always inspiring to view your blog! I am sure your 'mystery' blog candy will be also!

I love all of your photos, especially the animal pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

OH pick me pick me!

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thanks for the drawing! I can't wait to see what it is.

I wanna play!!! You and Alan have a great Memorial weekend!

What a great way to kickoff a holiday weekend! Thanks for your inspiration and I love seeing the pictures of your animals!

woo hoo!! i love surprises... thanks for offering it! :)

Oh, a surprise! That is fun! I can't wait to see it! Have a good weekend.

Wow! What a fun surprise for a great weekend. LOVE, LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with the rest of us.

Wow, Anna, it's sure been a loooong week! Thanks for offering us something fun and exciting to look forward to!! :)

Oh, blog candy is ALWAYS fun!! And a surprise is even better! Have a wonderful weekend with Alan and the critters! You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography and your blog! You are DY-NO-MITE!!! :)

Woo Hoo!! An Anna blog candy! I bet it's sumfin' wonderful :)

I'm going to use my comment to urge you to think twice about Memorial Day and what's all about. I wrote about it on MY blog:


Please keep our men and women in uniform in your prayers. And show gratitude for those who came before us and paid for our freedom with their lives.

proud daughter and wife of a War Veteran

PS I love your blog.

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