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Love your ideas. Hope I'm picked:) Have a wonderful weekend.

I sure could use to Blog candy. Since I'm starting my diet next week, it's the perfect timing.

I love the photos of the frog. I would never be able to hold one tho, they ust creep me out. Blog candy sounds fun. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Oooooh! I *love* surprises!!! ;) Have a great weekend, Anna!



Your photography is beautiful. We had a dairy farm for years, sold out in Sept 03, I still miss the cows (jersey).

Linda Webb

Blogcandy!?! Sounds lovelly!! *wave my hand*
Have a nice weekend =)
Hugs Petra

Never hurts to try,,,Thanks for sharing all of your creative outlets!!! Doreen

Happy Memorial day! You sure are one popular lady!

Always love checking out your pictures and work everyday....you have such talent!!

I love your site, your photos are an inspiration!

It's always fun to have a surprise!!
I enjoy reading your blog....keeps the creative juices flowing!!

I love reading your blog esp all your animal stories. We live on a farm and I can relate to most of them. Ü

how delicious it would be to win.

I just love your blog! Its so much fun to see the animals, makes me want to come sit a spell on your porch with some sweet tea. And then of course we would go inside to stamp. Keep it comin'! B.

I started coming to your blog for your cards, but I keep coming back for the updates on your farm animals. The kids love all the pictures of the animals. And I still like the cards.

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend...more stamping time!!

I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog since I discovered it recently. Your use of color is wonderful. Thank you sharing your talent! :D

ooohhhh me likey surprises! :)
have a great weekend, Anna!!

Oh boy!!! A big box of goodies---who could resist??!! I love your blog for the stamping info, as well as the photography----I wanna be you when I grow up! LOL Thanks, Anna!!!!
Carrie Flanagan

Your work inspires me to keep trying. Keep up your wonderful creations. Spring is wonderful with all nature brings. I've been feeding my birds & squirrels awaiting to see their new families... =o)
Allyn, WA

YOU have a happy weekend - hopefully you get lots of great photos taken that we'll all be able to enjoy next week!


Anna, I so enjoy your blog. We should be giving you candy for all the inspiration & stunning photos of the farm. I feel like I'm part of the family!

Good Afternoon Anna,

I can finally get on the computer. Hopefully you did not have the storms in your part of Texas. We had a coupld tornados hit Killeen, which is the town next to us. It was very scary, but the sun is out today with more and more rain expected. Have a safe & fun Memorial Day weekend. Chris

Hi Anna,

A 3 day weekend and free Blog Candy! What could be better. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for all of your inspiration :0)


Thank you so much for sharing goodies with us all. My day isn't complete without reading your blog...can't decide which I like better, the cards or the animals! Great toad photos, by the way.
Diane M., Surrey, bc

Suprise blog candy?! Sounds like fun to me!
Have a great three day weekend!
~Rachel in CO

Please count me in. :)

Hi Anna, thanks for doing this for us! Hope you pick me!!!!

your blog is just enjoyable, your creative picture taking is just GREAT!...love what you've done with your blog!!


You are so brave to catch the toad! Nice pics! I am enjoying exploring your blog.

I just love your blog especially your PAD! I am a photographer in training. You always blow me away with them, it is like they are right here in front of me in real life. Also love your cards and projects, most of all your purses (*wink wink*). Enjoy your holiday weekend!

I love your new addtion to your animal family. The toad! I can just imagine you changing course and following this little fellow. Little did he know that he was about to become famous! Janet in NC

I love surprises! Your blog is always so interesting - I love the pictures of life on the farm, and they keep my DH happy too so I can enjoy life on a farm vicariously instead of doing the real thing LOL!

Have a great long weekend!

Here's wishing you a great weekend. Not that I'm wishing away the long weekend, but, I can't wait to learn what the Surprise Box contains.

Thanks for all you do!

We don´t have memorial day here in sweden and I don´t know much about it.
Wishing you a nice weekend anyway.

Hi from Sweden. love your blog and your lovely photos!

Love your blog!

Love your blog as you know.
Gramma Dar

Oh Anna, I feel like you give me a special gift every day with your incredible art. I always look forward to your beautiful cards and your wonderful photographs but I truly love your (and Alan's) appreciation for nature. It is so inspiring. I'm embarassed because I live in Nebraska and haven't even been on a farm. The odor seems to be the "driving away" factor. But seeing everything through your camera's eye, it's all so beautiful.

Sharon Nordhues

I love surprises!! Your blog is fabulous...your photos are stunning! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!
Heather L.

Blog candy! Surprise! Woo hooo! I am so there! 166 is my number! kathynruss

Thank so much for a great blog, I love checking in everyday. Have a great weekend!

love your egg/toad story! cute pic as always! Thanks for the candy opportunity - I have no doubt it's going to be awesome for some lucky gal! Donna Baker

Would love to win! I just started reading "blogs" and yours is one that I signed up to receive updates on. It's great!! I put this (reading blogs) in the catagory of watching HGTV & buying scrapbook supplies -- I can't stop!!! HELP!

WhooHoo!!! I "heart blog candy", and I "heart" your blog too. I come here almost everyday to get inspired. I feel like I know you and are a part of your family. Thanks for sharing yourself and your talent with all of us.

Your photographs are wonderful. I love the Saltmarsh caterpillar & then the ones where you & Alan are mud bogging on the quads! Of course I wait anxiously for each card to be posted too. Great blog, thanks for sharing different aspects of your life with all of us.

I love your blog! The photos are stunning and the artwork is always creative!


Have a great weekend! I'm sure you'll take lots of photos to share with us on your blog!

Keep them coming!

in BC Canada

Anna, you are an amazing artist! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Anna! I've been reading your blog dailey for a long time. I am loving your new photo a day. You are such a great artist. You have inspired me for several years. I would go and look over your gallery and try to do what you did. Mine never looked like yours, but I was inspried to try new things. All I can say about the blog candy is I hope I win.

I love the addition of your Photo A Day gallery. I look forward to seeing the new picture every day! Thanks for sharing.

Sure hope someone from Canada wins!!!!! Love your site and your inspirations! It is a daily treat. Thanks Susan

Gotta love a surprise! Loved the froggie pic you took. Too cute!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Tracy in Canada :0)

Oh my, I do love surprises!! I wonder what is in your box o'goodies???? LOL Thanks so much for having one of the COOLEST blogs around Anna and for having such great products in your Ebay store. (Yes, I am addicted to your Ebay store.) LOL Anyway, thanks again for everything!! Hope you and Alan have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. :)
Karrie Baker

I love visiting your blog, it's always so inspiring. Can't wait to see the secret blog candy.
Claudia F.

Hello, Your blog was one of the first blogs that I regularly visited when I first started blogging. Thank you for your insights, photos, and stamping inspirations.
Nancy Grant

Anna..I just have to tell ya...the first thing I do every morning is check in to see your beautiful photography. But yesterday you scared me!!! I'm scared of frogs!!!LOL!!! And there"HE" was...starring me in the face first thing in the morning!!! I had to get the Kaluah out early for my coffee!!!!teehee...Thanks for sharing such great photos and cards...(and purses!)...your talents must be endless.......Have a great holiday weekend.

I love looking at the cards you make! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Love your photos as well as your cards and now a mystery box! Hopefully I'll get to see what is in it firsthand!

Great blog! You sure are a popular lady. Have a great weekend.

How kind of you! The suspense is killing me! Can't wait to see whats up for grabs! Love your blog! Have a great weekend!

What a sweet thing to do...blog candy! I love your blog and your pictures of the animals. Have a great weekend...and pick me please.

Teresa B

It would be so great to have something in the mail besides BILLS! Pick me!
I love your blog & seeing all of your cool pics. Have a great weekend!
Ilene B.

Love your photos!


Hi Anna,
I love reading about your love for animals; farm and otherwise. I especially love your blog, thanks for sharing your talent.

Thanks for giving away some goodies. Love reading your blog.

I love reading your blog! The pictures of the animals always make me smile :) Have a great long weekend!!


Hi Anna,

well aren't you Miss Popular? (grin) well, you are and for good reason. Not only are you a fantstic stamper, which is why I started visiting your blog in the 1st place, but I love your photos. You make me smile everytime I visit your blog.

I LOVE reading your blog! Your art is SO inspiring, creative and beautiful. I enjoy reading about your life on the farm. It sounds like an awesome place. My 14 yo DD has an interest in photography. She also suffers from bipolar disorder. I am going to share your photography with her to inspire her to spend time in a positive and enjoyable activity. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents!

Hi, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your photographs!! I feel like I've been outside w/ you. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents. Julie
((remembering our soldiers wether serving now or in the past thank's to you!!))

Woo hoo! How exciting! I just love your blogs & I love that you post pics of all your farm animals...it is so great!

Memorial Day here already? Thanks to all our fallen heros.

Anna, as always, I look for your blog every morning and can't wait to see your beautiful creations and the pictures and read your stories of your wonderful life there on the farm! For some reason I didn't get some of your recent posts this past week and was going through withdrawal! But I've been able to catch up and was so sorry to her about Kimberly but I know she will always be in your hearts and she is now happily frolicking with all the other angel kitties now. Thanks again for sharing your talents and life with us!

You are sooo sneaky... :)
Happy Memorial Day!
Hope I win...

Oh, Oh!! Pick me! Pick me!! Just kidding! :) Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I love surprises!!

Hi Anna,
Wow, can't wait to see what surprise is in store! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Sandy Kay

Oooh!! I love surprises! How fun! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and be sure to thank a soldier!!

Dang!! There are already like a zillion posts!!! Wow. I think some people want some blog candy! lol!!

I just want to say that I read your blog regularly even though I don't always post. I enjoy your creations & the animal pictures! The frog ones were a bit disturbing...but anyway...I use the google blog reader thingy & you are one of the few in my "fav stampers" folder! Stamp on, girl! ;)

Happy Memorial Day and the start of summer.
Can't wait to see what you're giving some lucky winner!

I love blogg candies! But do I win sometimes? No! Maybe this time is my time!
Have a nice weekend!

Whoohoo! Blog candy from Anna. And on top of that 'top secret' blog candy! You rock, Anna! Can't wait to see what it is. Janet

Love your blog. It's always an interesting read! Great pictures too!

Frogs. . .frogs. . . and bugs and critters how fun is that. Sure I would like the candy but I sure enjoy looking at your blog. Thanks for the wonderful nature pictures!

Have a wonderful Holiday! Love Blog candy!

Hi Anna!
What do you have up your sleeve? Can't wait to find out! Have a great Memorial Day! :D
Suzy H

You inspire me! Love your photos! & cards, too! I am ready to enjoy a long weekend and eat some steamed Maryland crabs! First ones of the season... YUM! Have a good one!


The surpise blog candy. How creative is this!! You start thinking of all the fun goodies that could go into this box. Your wonderful and creative cards, are making my mind thinking a mile a minute of all the fun goodies you have in this box.

ohhh! Blog Candy!!! Im so excited to see what it is!! Love your blog, check it a few times a day! Keep up the good work!! =)

Hi Anna - just got my computer hooked up at the apartment & of course had to stop & check out your blog. Can I play even if I don't get a Memorial Day holiay? Had last Monday off here in Canada (Victoria Day).



So Anna, after reading your last post,
Have I TOAD you lately that I love your blog......hahahaha snort snort snort

Hi anna! Thanks for sharing! I am a pet sitter so I am home this weekend taking care of pets!!

LOVE the toad BTW... he's toadly cute! hehehe


Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me!!

What a great idea - a surprise always makest things better! :) Thank for sharing your creativity with the rest of us. I know it takes time for you to update daily - you've done a WONDERFUL job!

Anna, so sorry to hear about Kimberly. It seems that the wild ones leave a bigger hole in my heart when they go because I never got to hold them in my lap and pet them til they purred and I always feel like we both missed out!!! Love your pics....would really like to learn more about how you take such beautiful ones!!!

pamm bonn

I am glad to be back and able to read your blog each day. I am behind the times!!!!! Let us honor our men and women who have served us before and now.

Yes, a long weekend.....HURRAYYYYY!!! Just love your blog and love seeing all those cute animals. Have a safe and wonderful holiday! TFS :o)

You rock, and I love your website and your wonderful, beautiful creations!

I love reading your blog every morning. You have such great pictures of the animals on your farm. It's a treat to get to know them all by name.

Thanks for making me think of my "real" home in Oklahoma every time you post! I sure miss those ranch days in many ways...although I have to admit I don't miss getting up early to break the ice for the cattle in the winter. Not fun!

Thank you again for making me smile and warming my heart.

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