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WOW!!!! She is gorgeous!!! I love, what I think is, your reflection in her eyes. I'm so sorry that she has that tumor. One of the reasons I don't get pets is because they just don't live looooong enough.

As always, wonderful photos....

Kimberly may be coming close to you because she's feeling bad too. (Not just the food) I know when my kitty was really sick she wanted me to stroke her furr. (Sadly, she died soon after) Give her any love you can at this point.


How sweet she looks! There's a special place in heaven for people who are kind to animals! Here kitty cousins Max and Ollie wish her well!

She is so beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, very sad. You will have wonderful memories of her.

Your photos always amaze me - they always seem to capture the true essence of whatever you're sharing with us. Thank you for that!!
And, of course, what a *beautiful* kitty - a lovely tortie. :) Even the wild ones warm our hearts, don't they? Enjoy Miss Kimberly for as long as she's here. {{{hug}}}

I think it's wonderful that she has the two of you in her life. Great story.

As a cat lover, I'm sad about Kimberly...she is sweet & how you can handle not being able to touch her or have her snuggle up to you, I don't know! I know it's hard for us with our wilder one, she only wants you when she wants food. Our other little one is my baby & snuggles with me ALL the time! I miss her when she's not around. My heart goes out to you!

Shes so beautiful.. I'm sorry to hear she has cancer.. I hope she lives out the rest of her days out in comfort, and with a full tummy...

Such a beautiful kitty! Love all that tawny colored fur! I too hope she isn't in pain and has a few more days of blissful sunbathing left!


She looks so sad. Such interesting eyes! If you are unable to touch her, how do you know she has cancer? I hope she will let you touch and pet her soon.

She looks so sad. Such interesting eyes! If you are unable to touch her, how do you know she has cancer? I hope she will let you touch and pet her soon.

Poor girl! I really think a field trip is in order, you portray farm life in such a lovely way!

Oh, she is so pretty!! I love her coloring and she really has a sweet face. Sorry to hear she has cancer, poor little thing! Thanks for sharing her with us.

The poor baby! She looks like a sweet little gal and not old at all! My kitties will all testify to Fancy Feast's beast calming qualities. It's the only thing they'll eat and then we narrow it down to minced turkey for all four! They will stick their noses up to another flavor. Go figure!

Awwww, poor Kimberly. I hope she's not in pain. She looks like such a sweetie -- love the snaggletooth :)

She looks like a wise old woman. I hope she will have a peaceful end, makes me sad she has cancer. If you get close enough to pick her up before she goes, give her a squeeze for me!

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