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Fab photo, Anna! I'm glad he did'nt get run over! Your life is sooooo adverturous! TFS.

I just love your nature photos. I came here for the cards but always want to see spring progressing or the animals.

I have to say I cannot, cannot, cannot, force myself to catch a toad, frog, amphibean of any kind, but love to look at them once Gavin (9) and Scout (6) catch them and chase me down with them! I sure can bait a fish-hook though! Love your pictures,kind of reminds me of my place, wish I had a calf too!

Tammy Nichols
[email protected]

I love your blog. Not only do I get to see fabulous cards, but now there are toads, too! That little guy is adorable! The calf and catepillar are other favs. Do you use the old SLR format are you into the new digital cameras? Thanks again for sharing.

Eeeeeeew! You PICKED IT UP!!!!!!!!! And you reall think he was singing to you? He was probably shrieking "put me down you freak!" Great photos but still, eeeew.

Please say that it is NOT your hand touching that frog!!!
Kristi Ferro

Oh, how I wish I could have been there and watched you chasing the toad!!! LOL!
He is a cute little bugger!
Anette (snowmom13)

yep - while I love the pictures, I have to say that you sound pretty crazy to me!

I don't know which is more stunning your cards or your photography; both are amazing!!

Cuuuute toad! I must admit that I'd probably get side-tracked and chase the toad as well. :)

Anna, your photography always amazes me! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Anna, I check out your blog daily and look forward to the newest photo uploaded. Due to the fact that I collect frog figurines, have 5 frogs for pets and even a frog tattoo, it was a great surprise for me to see this handsome frog that you caught as your newest upload. Thanks for sharing the photo. Keep up the great work.

Anna you crack me up! I love frogs/toads and collect frog figurines so I really enjoyed seeing your toad photos. Ida

Great pics! Sorry, but not a very good looking guy IMO! You did him real justice!

I can just see you hopping around the lawn trying to catch this fella! Made me think that you need to do a couple of stamps with frogs on them............... well, what do you think??
Have a super and SAFE weekend, Manetta

Now you're gonna get warts. :-) Just kidding. Gramma Dar

Wow! I love the texture on its throat. Very cool! Way to chase down a photo op. :)

What FABULOUS photo's!! You cracked me up with the "Toad Business". Thanks for sharing :).

Wow, they are brilliant photos!!!

Super cute toad and wonderful photos!! TFS

I think a good photo op was missed due to it being nighttime! I think your blog readers would kills to see pics of you chasing down a toad in the front yard. :-)


I'm reading your comment about the "toad business" and had to giggle! These are great shots! WOW! I am still trying to convince hubby to get me a new camera. I still have that 35 mm that does NOT give the instant gratification I need!!

Beautiful shots! I love frogs/toads!

The top one is so cute of him singing to you!

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