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we have been separated in childhood! lol!
I belong to this group.. I used to draw all the time as a kid and when I went to Portugal for a weekend (I had been studying in Madrid) my camera was not with me so I picked up my notebook and sketched what was around me.. yep,,, loved it and still have it.. somewhere.. lol! I think it's beneath my bed! lol

really sweet. I love the balloons.

this is just wonderful

Oh Anna, is there nothing you CAN'T DO?? This is gorgeous!!

I LOVE these illustrations! You certainly have an abundance of talent and I'm happy that you share it with us!

sooo cute! love it.

WOW! Your amazing Anna!!! You should start a stamping business of your own-your own images! They are whimsical and sweet and funny-just what we all need! Seriously! I remember once my Uncle(an artist) was interested and The Stamping Ground was one place he was considering.....I know it's a huge endevour but you are so damn talented-your images should be out there making everyone smile!!!!

This is such a lovely painting. You are such a talented lady. I wish you well in all your dreams of becoming a children's illustrator. You certainly have the skills.

That's a great site. I have it bookmarked also. So inspirational. Wow the talent on there! Your illustration is great (Love the one before this one too!!!)

WOW! WOW! WOW! Wonderful!


*REALLY* loving your illustration! You always achieve such wonderful, subdued colors and such characters in your work.

As always, very much enjoying your photographs - that toad is much enjoyed by The Boyz and they keep asking me to go back to it. I personally love Rain Drops and your sweet, sad memorial to your farm kitty.

Thanks for posting your info about your photography equipment. You're *way* ahead of where I'm at artistically - so I can't convince myself a digital SLR is in my budget. It's great to see what someone who has *REAL* talent is playing with.

As always, thanks for sharing what you do. *LOVE* 'ya, babe! ~ Kaylyn

your drawings are eye candy for the soul.

Awesome work, Anna!

You are incredibly talented!!!!

How cute illustration!

Well, If only I could color something that looked so fabulous all "washed out" :) Anna your talent truely amazes me!

This is amazing! You could definitely make it as an illustrator for children's books. Go for it!!!! Have faith in yourself....we all do!

cute car illustration! I like all the balloons..so good! :)

This is PRECIOUS!! Can you submit if for a prize??? It's GREAT! Oh, you should do something with it, you can WIN! TOO FUN!!!

Yur killin' me!! This is so flippin' cute! You really have some serious drawing skillz girl! :)

this is a fun illustration. i love the balloons, and the line of houses behind.

great illo.

Darling illo, so glad you joined us:)

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