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Yes! I got to meet you! LOL! No wait, that was the day after May Day. I hope we did not embarass you too much, but it is so cool to meet someone that you've been reading their blog and stuff, plus Carolyn and Sis (Sherri) have been telling me about you for months now. Anyway, was nice to meet you and hopefully we will get to meet and chat again.

PS: I promise to not gush so much next time. LOL.

Hi Anna! I have been keeping up with your blog for a few months now and am very curious where you are? I am in Magnolia TX not far from Conroe and Tomball. Everytime you post about the weather and such I think she must be close by. But then again Texas is big! Hope you had a great May Day and I love your MD card!

Did I do anything special for May day? Well, I drove my mom (89) and my MIL (81) from Montana to my home in Nevada. Along the way we saw many Wild Turkeys, some were even doing the happy dance! (breeding season maybe?). We also saw Antelope, deer, blue birds and hawks. I made it home in 13 hours which included one stop in Twin Falls for a little Applebees dinner. A great day!

THANK YOU for the flowers!! They are
S T U N N I N G!!! I hope you get the seeds in time because I can just imagine what your photos of them will look like, LOL.

I didn't do anything special for May Day, in fact I forgot all about it until you mentioned it. I remember as a child the school going to a park and people would do a May Pole. I thought is was wonderful! TFS and bringing back a very happy memory.

funny, i was just thinking how kids today don't really know about may day. i remember when i was a kid, we used to take the green baskets that strawberries came in, and make them into little baskets with pipe cleaner handles, fill them with flowers and leave them for the neighbors. too bad this tradition seems to have left along with the little green strawberry baskets. :( thanks for the memory. :)

I love this card. The hollyhocks are gorgeous. I love to look at flowers, but don't have a green thumb in my body. Thanks for sharing. Chris

I love Hollyhocks too. Easy to grow, can collect the seeds, and they come up each year. It is such an oldfashioned flower (that's a good thing!) and reminds me of my mom's younger years and my grandmother's old victorian house. Sigh. I did not do anything special for May Day but thought of the May Day Pole and worked on my SU retired list to see what I "lost". (135 sets not including hostess sets and 32 wheels) They are not truly lost to me. I will keep most:) Now I am out to bask in the ever weed growing flower and herb beds. Happy May!

hi anna,
oh what a sweet and wonderful card you make. really lovely - i like the whole card!!!
greetings from germany

Lovely card. - Yes, I gave my mom a HUGE potted plant container of annuals. I've been giving her May Day flowers since the 1st grade when I learned about knocking on a door and hiding while the person finds their flowers. - We also bought some flowers and planted them. My daughter & hubby also gave me some May Day flowers. It was a fun day. Ida

That's such a beautiful card...I love flowers too! Happy May Day to you also, and hope you get those seeds in the ground! You'll be glad you did! :)
And you get your new fridge tomorrow...I'll bet you can't wait!

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