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Yep! DH seems to be "wise" to those days as well .... Ive certainly seen "that walk" before here! hahahaha
Thanks for the giggles, Anna!

I take happy pills...they really work well, nothing bothers me anymore, LOL. TFS.

Ohhh...tell me about it! And not because it effects ME...I am a flight attendant...some days we are happily working away and one of the crew will say..."Is it a Full Moon today?" and we all nod knowingly. It is so decernable...I really don't like working those nights but always forget to check the moon calendar!
So..I guess, yes, it effects me...but not in the way you mean. LOL

Love the smilies, it does say it all! Love it!

I dream very intense, real dreams during a full moon. I dont always remember them, but am very tired from not getting to a real deep sleep! Maybe you are just tired?!!!

I laughed when I read this. I can't imagine you being grouchy. They do say people's personalities do change during full moon or blue moon. Well, it is done for awhile so good luck.

Oh Anna - is *that* why I ripped Todd's head off last night - Could Alan please call him and let him know that it is *completely* normal for me to act this way (just imagine - raging hormones galore and utter exhaustion thrown into the mix too!)....

i bet youre right!!

I am not affected by the moon but my Dad always swore my Mom became a raving maniac when the moon was full! (She did have her moments) LOL

I was going to mention the crime thing too! Funny -
Well, I don't pay too mucha ttention, but I know that I delivered both my boys on full moons! It's said that there are usually more babies born then too....

Funny that the moon has this kind of an affect on you! We always dread the fullmoon at work as it seems to bring out the strange folks! The moon was BEAUTIFUL this morning!!! Hope your weekend gets better!

That is too funny, do you notice if the animals are affected by the moon? I too love the little smily people.

I convinced myself for years that everyone else was acting strange and making me cry,snap,fly off the handle. It certainly wasn't my fault! haha I worked for many years in our local high school as secretary to the principal in charge of discipline. We saw twice as many kids during the full moon as other times, and I don't think it was all the kids' fault. Some of the teachers were screamin' meanies!
I love this blog!

Alan's smilie is a hoot! Back away, Alan, back away while you still can! While I personally am not affected by the phases of the moon, whenever lots of weird stuff starts to happen or the crazy phone calls or the weird clients, it finally sinks in. Yeah, right, must be a full moon (and sometimes a new moon, too!). I check the calendar and sho 'nuff! Why do you think they call crazy people "lunatics!" Banks, cops, hospitals, mental institutions, all are very familiar with the phases of the moon!

Noooo.....doesn't affect me at all! *whistling*

Love the smilies -- especially 'Alan'! :)

Anna, you just crack me up! ;0) Those smilies just kill me! Can't say that the full moon has ever affected me in any way(good or bad), but I know we used to see some pretty strange behaviors in patients when I used to work in a nursing home at night.
Have a good one!!
Anette (snowmom13)

YES!!!! Although I never gave much thought to the moon phases I've been blaming it on my personal cycle!!! DH doesn't take much stock in it though...he just thinks I'm nuts and using it as an excuse!!

I never payed any attention to that but will definitely be checking it out in the near future.
Very interesting stuff!


It happens to a lot of people. I worked for the Police Dept (3rd Shift), and it would be hoppin' when it was a full moon.


I KNEW I WASN'T CRAZY!! i have been so freakin miserable and the family has pretty much become invisible. i am able to hold it together at work, but home- WOW!!! whew, glad it's just the moon... (great little cartoons by the way)

I totally know where you're comin' from on this one, Anna. Isn't it crazy what the moon can do to people?! I used to work in a bank, and I could tell just by the people coming in that the moon was gonna be full that night. It brings out the crazies! As for me, I have problems sleeping during a full moon...as evidenced by me sitting here typing this at 1:00 in the morning while drinking a glass of strawberry wine!

yes, my sister's husband turns into a werewolf and I aint'a kiddin'.

hahaha, love your little happy dudes with their expressions!!! TOO CUTE! Did you know there are more crimes committed during a full moon?? Hmmm...guess that says something too! LOL I have never noted whether the moon affects me or not...maybe I SHOULD! If it can affect the tides...well...that's pretty powerful stuff! :)

OMGosh!! *YEAH*!!! Can we say riding a low-flying broom?? The only time I get off my broom during a full moon is to beat someone senseless with it.

Now if I could just train the men in my house the way you've got Alan trained. Scott has at least learned to keep his mouth shut. The Boyz still get that "Deer In Headlights" look.

Oh, well. It could be worse. There could be daughters here, too...and they'd be *Just Like Me.*

Glad to know I'm not the only one, Anna!! ~ K

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